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  1. This would be a crushing loss, which is par for the course for the Jets.
  2. Fine with me. He hasn't been durable enough to play LT. I'd much rather let him be a road-grading RT and not worry about this weight as long as Fant is playing well.
  3. Maybe Gregg actually game-planned and adjusted the defensive scheme depending on the opponent, as opposed to Saleh who seems content to run 4-3 cover 3 base on 1st and 2nd down 95% of the time. This is bad defensive coaching right now, gotta change things up to cover for the injuries on the edge.
  4. Rex makes good points but he also sounds a little too much like someone who can’t get over a breakup and is bashing his ex’s new boyfriend.
  5. Lol I’m on vacation in Mexico and I still managed to watch this game and get upset
  6. Zach needs to learn how to get the ball out quick, that’s why he was so ineffective
  7. The only positive is Josh Johnson showed he can move the ball against a prevent D. Big whoop. When the game was in doubt he wasn’t great but maybe a week of 1st team reps in practice might help if it’s not Flacco.
  8. New nickname John Franklin Wilkerson
  9. Not much to wonder. Saleh saw the Legion of Boom in Seattle win a title playing Vanilla 4-3 Cover 3, so he thinks that’s always the defense to run every play regardless of personnel. It’s an idiotic approach to coaching. There’s basically no scheming, adjustments, or game planning.
  10. The defense wasn’t great against Cincy. Mike White just played the game of his life. If we combine the last 3 weeks it’s scary how bad the defense has been. It was never as bad under Kotite as the last 3 games defensively.
  11. He’s a statue in the pocket so he’s gonna take the occasional shot. We are just cursed.
  12. How many times do the Colts and Patriots have to march down the field for Robert Saleh to learn than sometimes 4 man rush with zone coverage just isn't the right approach against a team? This isn't even about bad players. This is about a coach too inexperienced to realize that sometimes the scheme ain't working and you need to change it up. Blitz and try man, play a 5 man front, DO SOMETHING. It's clear the gameplan isn't working.
  13. There is no QB controversy, White is the starter until he gives it away
  14. The way the Jets have handled the #2/#3 QB situation is alarming because there doesn't seem to be any coherent approach at all. If Josh Johnson is a competent veteran backup why can't he play 2nd string? If Mike White is so good why did they trade for Flacco? If they traded for Flacco why are they starting White? It's basically an admission that Johnson was never even backup quality. Just total incoherence. The shine is wearing off Joe Douglas.
  15. I’m done with Cashman. He’s a waste of a roster spot. Some guys are just too brittle to play in the NFL and he seems like one of them.
  16. Let's pray LaFleur is a 1 and done OC. Saleh needs someone with experience to balance everyone else out. Let's also hope Joe Douglas learns from his mistakes and replaces both McGovern and Van Rotten. Maybe then the offense will improve.
  17. Saleh has been horrible so far. No coaching edge on Sundays. Hired an OC even less experienced than he is. The team looks like it doesn’t even game plan. Mental errors and penalties all the damn time. This guy might not last more than 2 years if nothing changes.
  18. Woody is to blame for being unable to get GM and HC on the same page for so many years in this organization. And the one time he did with Bowles and Maccagnan they ended up sucking hard. Woody and his stupid reporting structure which he now has only finally changed. Woody has the best market and still can't sell tickets. That's how bad this team has been. And this ass charges $100 for parking, incredible.
  19. Who knew people don’t want to pay $100 for parking? They have priced out the average fan and then whine when they can’t find enough people to pay up.
  20. I'm fine if Mosley sits this week if it means the injury doesn't linger. Not putting my hopes on winning this game anyway. With a rookie QB and HC I'm not stressing beating Belichick.
  21. This was fair criticism from Rex, but the problem is Rex never backed it up by getting another good safety in here. Eric Smith was too limited, his inability to tackle Victor Cruz got the ball rolling in ruining the 2011 season, I don't care how smart the guy was he was too slow to be in there. Brodney Poole was ok nothing special either. Then he drafted guys like Antonio Allen, Josh Bush, Calvin Pryor, all guys who never really panned out.
  22. Tape don't lie. It wasn't just Rex saying it.
  23. They divorced after 6 months....
  24. this. After a great 2006 season he nicknamed himself "Hollywood" and began to focus more on his acting career. When Rex came in and asked him to be more physical (because safeties don't just play center field in Rex's system), instead Kerry turned town tackles, making "business decisions." That's why he was shipped away. Good start to his career but it stalled after that.
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