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  1. Read between the lines: Darnold is NOT going to be handed the starting job. At a minimum, he'll have to compete, or will be gone completely. They are gonna either draft or bring someone in.
  2. If it’s Woody’s call, it’ll be Harbaugh. If it’s Joe Douglas’s call, I doubt it’s Harbaugh.
  3. Sure, not disagreeing with that, but I also don't see how we change the culture while keeping Darnold as the QB.
  4. It's put up or shut up time. Douglas is determined to improve the culture, well the culture can only improve so much with Sam Darnold here. Douglas needs the cajones to cut ties with Darnold, draft a new guy, and invest in the o-line and skill positions. That's how you change the culture. I agree we don't need to go down the veteran Fitzpatrick/McCown road again, trying to go 9-7 to save face. Douglas needs to show us he can find the right QB prospect not named Trevor Lawrence who can move the ball downfield.
  5. Ugh these fools never learn. Johnson’s need to hire a GM and let everyone else report to that GM and let that GM make all the calls. Christopher Johnson lacks the football knowledge to make a final decision.
  6. He'll go down as one of the worst head coaches ever and the year the Dolphins made the playoffs was a total fluke.
  7. Yes, I knew it wasn't the right job for me, but I needed the experience, which I got and moved onto something better. I literally made the experience cutoff by 2 weeks.
  8. Sam sucked under Gase. In 2018 he looked to be on a good track. I'm willing to see how he does in a new program with better OL and WRs, and to be able to do that with the aforementioned flexibility helps us evaluate 2 QBs at once in camp.
  9. It wouldn't be a controversy. It would be a camp competition. Controversies happen when you think about a switch after the preseason.
  10. If there's one thing NFL GMs like, it's flexibility. If you're Joe Douglas, why lock yourself into one choice with so much uncertainty surrounding the franchise? The draft is a crapshoot, and evaluating QBs under Adam Gase is also a bit of a crapshoot, as Ryan Tannehill has taught us, so the degree of confidence in evaluating both Sam and Wilson are low. So why not draft Zach Wilson, keep Sam Darnold with no 5th year option, revamp the offense in free agency with spending on WR & OL, and let the cream rise to the top? This way, the players can make the choice for Douglas. Either Wilson or Darnold will step up under the new regime and seize the job. If it's WIlson, great we let Sam walk in free agency and take a comp pick. and we have a good QB under his rookie contract. If it's Sam, we give him a franchise QB contract and go forward with him, and then we have a Jimmy Garropolo-like trade chip in WIlson for 2022 to get us some draft capital, or a good player in return. Yeah we'll be paying Sam a lot more, but Joe Douglas won't mind paying a QB as long the QB is actually good. (PS -Yeah, Yeah I know, the doomsday scenario is that neither QB is good. And since its the Jets it's probably what will happen.)
  11. Well as long as he has those positives, and he doesn't have addiction/partying issues like Manziel, then I think he can be ok in the NFL.
  12. In week 1 broadcasting Jets/Bills he was a little homerish for the Bills. In the 2nd game he was better.
  13. They should've found a veteran backup who was more interested in being a mentor than Flacco, like McCown.
  14. Dude the tank is over. They've already clinched the top pick. If they're playing Glennon it's for another reason.
  15. Wirfs is playing right tackle, an easier position all things considered. Becton will be fine. Sal Pal is trying to find hairs to split here.
  16. Hopefully he's a believer in Sam
  17. whatever, Gase already knew this was coming. I doubt he can be anymore awful a coach than his usual self. The real cost to not firing him now is not being able to start the search for his replacement.
  18. Looks like the tweet and video may have been taken down, so the link no longer works. But Davis was playing online video games with the fans and he was confused when one of the players named himself Dowell Loggains, Davis seemed confused about the reference
  19. "Dowell Loggains who is that???" Wow EDIT: Looks like the tweet and video may have been taken down, so the link no longer works. But Davis was playing online video games with the fans and when one of the players named himself Dowell Loggains, Davis seemed confused about the reference
  20. I agree, No more 3-4, this is a gap penetration defense
  21. It's a good first step if the Johnson's are leaving the final call to Douglas. I hope they fix the formal reporting structure too.
  22. The next head coach needs to be a TEACHER and communicator with players on both sides of the ball. You want someone who can develop a QB but it's on the HC to hire a good OC who can do that. We don't need Peyton Manning's coffee boy. We need a guy who can coach up a young roster at all positions and improve their skills and turn them into a cohesive team that plays complementary football for more than just the last few weeks of the season.
  23. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Sewell doesn't have the classic long arms that star NFL left tackles do. I think Sewell will be a surefire hall of famer as a guard, and he might even be a great RT even if he's smaller than Becton. Just my opinion. Becton is a Walter Jones type who is excelling at LT, why change now? Sewell is the versatile guy, you can play him anywhere else other than center and he'd probably play at a pro bowl level, but I think with his body type his most dominant position would be left guard.
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