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  1. The question we should ask ourselves is: Is Wilson that much better than the guys who will be lurking in rounds 3/4? Because if the answer is no, and there's a guy with a live arm in those rounds, then taking Sewell, drafting QB in round 3/4, and then having an open competition with Sam could be the better route.
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    Please show me where in my post I said Mims sucks you halfwit. I actually said it's a technique thing that is pretty coachable. I'm not writing the kid off, but it looks like a pretty costly flaw in his technique right now, I saw it on his college tape and I still see it.
  3. FYI The 1929 Dayton Triangles scored just 7 points in an 0-6 season.
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    He's drawing the #1 cornerbacks of good defenses lately, that's a part of it, but not the whole story. Gotta be honest, I really don't like the way Mims takes his 1st step off the line. Look I'm not a true expert but I played WR in high school so I have a rudimentary idea of how technique at that position works and the first step just looks awkward. His technique looks all off there and it seems to cost him a lot of potential burst, which can be the difference in the NFL. Shawn Jefferson should have been working on this with him. Once he gets going he's fine but he needs max efficiency out of his routes.
  5. I agree that Darnold’s inability to target Mims is maddening. This is a rapport that needs to develop if Sam is gonna stay here.
  6. I know Sewell is a great tackle prospect too. Here's also what I know: If the Jets draft Sewell the combination with Becton can be special. Nobody is stopping them running to the left. Strategically it can help tilt the playing field.
  7. Thuney at RG with Fant at RT would be a competent start. Thuney at LG and Sewell at RG too would be sick. Sewell can slot anywhere other than center so that's another value. They can make this OL a top 10 unit this offseason if they want.
  8. Sewell looks like a potentially dominant pulling guard, and his down blocking looks great too, he's got quickness like I've never seen. Becton we already know is a dominant LT. This just seems too good to pass up. We can build an offense around this. The more I think about it, I'm getting ok with Sewell at #2, with an aggressive free agent play at Allen Robinson, and another free agent play for a top OL like Thuney who they could either move to RG or play Sewell at RG and Thuney at LG. That has the potential to transform the protection and fix Darnold with the right coaching.
  9. The more I think about it, the more ok I am with them taking Sewell with the #2 overall pick. He seems like a guy who can change an OL.
  10. I'm all for that. Either you take the elite OL with the 1st pick or you take an elite skill position guy like JaMarr Chase. I could live with both but starting with OL seems like the more sensible thing to do.
  11. Zuniga looks like a miss. Davis is still to be seen. Perine is ok but not too impressed with him, there's plenty of backs out there just like him. Douglas nailed rounds 1 and 2 but after that and its pretty meh.
  12. They should just let Sam hit the market. I doubt the market for him will be that good. Just resign him then if we feel that's the way to go.
  13. Yeah I wish Sam had that frozen rope deep ball but he doesn't. Even though his 10-25 yard intermediate throws are darts. Sam has only seemed to been able to connect with Robby deep thus far. Hopefully we see some deep shots to Mims this week.
  14. I'm surprised with how many people got upset at Becton. They need to grow up. Stop expecting players to agree with you on this, or even sympathize with you. It's childish.
  15. Understandable considering the team and coach he plays for
  16. Elfein seems like a decent run blocker but a liability in pass blocking, which is why they've done well running to the left side recently. I want to see the Jets get a solid LG who can both run and pass block. That would make running off the left a staple of this offense with Becton in there too.
  17. Rockland County born and raised. It's NY but on the NJ side of the river (always been tough to explain this to out of towners.)
  18. Can Darnold be salvaged? Sure, but I don't see his ceiling as anything more than an average NFL starting QB now. The way he sees the field right now is pretty bad, worse than when he got in the league. Sam also brings nothing to the table pre-snap. So if Sam stays (and I agree we have to keep him if we don't get the top pick) we at least have to draft a young guy or bring in a veteran to compete with him. Then invest like crazy in o-line/skill positions with all the cap space and picks, try to find a competent HC, and hope for the best. Overall I agree, the franchise was set back 15 years today. Perhaps the worst day in franchise history, or right up there with the day Belichick was hired and resigned.
  19. Yeah this is the first time I'll miss not having the Benigno rant.
  20. NY Jets are named after the planes that came into LaGuardia flying right over Shea Stadium. That is their true home. The NY Titans played at the Polo Grounds.
  21. Woody won't leave after building the brand new facility in Florham Park. If they go back to NYC they'll have to move the whole team and staff and practice facility too. They did all that just 12 years ago.
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