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  1. The Jags were cool for like 2 years in the 1990s when they were winning with Brunell right after expansion. Maybe he got hooked in that window.
  2. LOL, I'd venture to say if we draft Trevor Lawrence this will not be the reaction
  3. I agree that Kim Jones > Maggie Gray. Maggie seems to defend bad points just for the sake of argument a lot of the time, and it's annoying.
  4. Instead of bringing in new talent they’ve given up on sports on afternoon drive and are trying to do an Imus/Stern more generic thing instead. Roberts is wasted in this format. I think Boomer, Gio, & Carton in the morning would be best. And then try to go traditional sports for afternoon drive. I’d prefer JJ and Evan to Carton and Evan in the afternoon.
  5. Radio doesn’t pay unless you get to the top. All the talent goes to TV. That’s why Bart Scott went to ESPN, so he could get more TV appearances
  6. Carton belongs on mornings. His Z Morning Zoo routine just feels out of place on afternoon drive. I miss hardcore sports talk.
  7. Would love Etienne but I think the late 1st and #33 hopefully is better spent on OL, CB, or Edge.
  8. Jets are top 3 in cap space available, maybe even #1 after cuts, so.......sometimes you just have to overpay and if we're gonna do it I'd do it for a durable guy like Robinson.
  9. I legit thought this was a joke about a running back whose skillset was a cross between Saquan Barkley and Rodney Hampton
  10. 3rd and 5....Gase calls for a WR screen, Jeff Smith catches it and runs 4 yards before he trips on a folding chair leg. 4th and 1 out comes Braden Mann to punt.
  11. I can see it if the Pats are eliminated from the playoffs. Belichick knows playing his practice squad one week for "evaluation" could keep the highest rated QB prospect in years out of his division. Seems like a worthy strategy given the payoff. The Jets need to be prepared. Week 17 should be James Morgan week. No Darnold, don't risk it because he might play well against scrubs. Also try to park Quinnen and Becton on IR for that game.
  12. This is just so typical of the Jets the past decade. Draft a player, he never plays well with the Jets, then goes to another team and finally turns into something. A reflection of a terrible front office that can't even evaluate the talent on their own roster. The revolving door of coaching regimes has really hurt too, as we've had good players that were cast aside in new regimes for whatever reason. This is why nobody in the NFL respects this organization anymore, Woody and his minions don't know their ass from their elbow.
  13. Good points but Rex Ryan as anything other than DC would not be a good thing. He got stale after 2-3 years in NY and was terrible in Buffalo. We need a CEO who can oversee the whole team and build a program, even the media seems to have reached a consensus that's what we need.
  14. OK, not disagreeing with you on Gase, but also, a real franchise QB would've had the presence of mind to tap the center's rear and audible to a sneak on his own.
  15. Definitely Gase is a big part of it but Sam also needs to take matters into his own hands a little
  16. Have you ever seen Sam give a hard dummy count to see where the blitz is coming from so he could audible away from it? Just feels like he goes through the motions presnap. By year 3 he should have been further along than this and I can’t just put it on the Jets.
  17. I miss listening to actual sports on afternoon drive without Carton trying to turn it into the radio variety hour. Congrats WFAN you've finally turned me into an ESPN listener, and those guys aren't that good either. Say what you will about Benigno, he and Roberts were still way better than this.
  18. It's so comical that the worst HC in football who should have been fired like 8 weeks ago is now firing others for something he had the power to overrule during the game.
  19. I think you're crossing up your traumatic HB pass memories here
  20. The first game Quincy Carter started in place of Chad, if I remember correctly. The game will forever be remembered for the ill-timed Lamont Jordan halfback pass call in the red zone, which was easily picked off by Ed Reed in his prime and returned for a TD. Jets were a really good team that year but Chad's shoulder injury ruined the run.
  21. I'd rather sit on Trevor Lawrence's rights forever and not have him play football than to give in to a hypothetical demand to trade him away
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