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  1. 1 hour ago, MichaelScott said:

    I think JJ and Evan would be great together. 

    I might get some hate but I also really liked Kim Jones when he would fill in for people. Feel like I havent heard her on in awhile though. I would take her over Maggie Gray in a heart beat. That early afternoon show has been HORRIBLE since the day CMB started and it hasnt gotten any better with the guys they've stuck with Maggie since the original show fell apart. 

    I agree that Kim Jones > Maggie Gray.  Maggie seems to defend bad points just for the sake of argument a lot of the time, and it's annoying. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Bronxville Jets Fan said:

    I miss Joe & Evan and how they would invite national and local beat writers on to talk like most sports talk radios shows. The new Carton show doesn’t do that for some reason.

    Instead of bringing in new talent they’ve given up on sports on afternoon drive and are trying to do an Imus/Stern more generic thing instead. Roberts is wasted in this format.

    I think Boomer, Gio, & Carton in the morning would be best.  And then try to go traditional sports for afternoon drive.  I’d prefer JJ and Evan to Carton and Evan in the afternoon. 

  3. I can see it if the Pats are eliminated from the playoffs.  Belichick knows playing his practice squad one week for "evaluation" could keep the highest rated QB prospect in years out of his division.  Seems like a worthy strategy given the payoff.

    The Jets need to be prepared.  Week 17 should be James Morgan week.  No Darnold, don't risk it because he might play well against scrubs.  Also try to park Quinnen and Becton on IR for that game.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Alka said:

    Dozier was drafted by the Jets, right?  We either got rid of him, or let him walk.  I don't think the Jets ever believed in him.

    Yesterday, the announcers for the game were saying how Seattle was fortunate to have Dozier back in the lineup, and how he is a big upgrade to whoever was in at right tackle before him.

    I continue to scratch my head over players that are let go or we just discard (Andre Roberts) as another example, and they thrive elsewhere.

    This is just so typical of the Jets the past decade.

    Draft a player, he never plays well with the Jets, then goes to another team and finally turns into something.

    A reflection of a terrible front office that can't even evaluate the talent on their own roster.  The revolving door of coaching regimes has really hurt too, as we've had good players that were cast aside in new regimes for whatever reason.

    This is why nobody in the NFL respects this organization anymore, Woody and his minions don't know their ass from their elbow.

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  5. Good points but Rex Ryan as anything other than DC would not be a good thing.  He got stale after 2-3 years in NY and was terrible in Buffalo.  We need a CEO who can oversee the whole team and build a program, even the media seems to have reached a consensus that's what we need.

  6. 6 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

    How so?  

    a 21 yr old Sam was given to a guy who was supposed to be a guru. CJ bought into it 100%. Peyton Manning lobbied for him.  He never even hired a QB coach when his job was to elevate Sam Darnold.  It's not even debatable imo.  Sam not playing well at this point is what it is, but man did we screw him by hiring Gase and allowing him to label Loggains his OC and not hiring a coach to help groom our #1 asset.  It's all ego man. Gase is the absolute worst and the Johnsons a pu$$ies for keeping him around. The team absolutely hates him. 

    And the guy can't even  figure out that a QB sneak on 4th and 1 works.  

    OK, not disagreeing with you on Gase, but also, a real franchise QB would've had the presence of mind to tap the center's rear and audible to a sneak on his own.

  7. 4 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

    Who else are ya gonna put it on?  a 21 yr old kid on his 2nd HC in two years?  Or the QB Whisperer, Guru and Offensive Genius.  We are also the only team without a QB coach.  

    Come on 

    Definitely Gase is a big part of it but Sam also needs to take matters into his own hands a little

  8. 7 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

    Clock management didn't lose us that game; the stupid HB pass did... 

    The NFL screwed us because it was a horrible referee decision (was really an incomplete pass) but the play call was awful and caused us the playoffs (week 17). 

    I remember watching this game @ 12 years old and being absolutely heartbroken as a kid and this game still bothers me to this day when I think about it.

    I think you're crossing up your traumatic HB pass memories here

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  9. The first game Quincy Carter started in place of Chad, if I remember correctly.

    The game will forever be remembered for the ill-timed Lamont Jordan halfback pass call in the red zone, which was easily picked off by Ed Reed in his prime and returned for a TD.

    Jets were a really good team that year but Chad's shoulder injury ruined the run.

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