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  1. 2 minutes ago, HessStation said:

    Dude, I’ve seriously never seen someone bail so quick as consistently as Darnold.  They’re not great but not that bad either. I’d add one or two but it’s really not a blame the OL thing this year, unbelievably lol. So sad

    I think it's a little bit of both.  It's true that Sam is very quick to bail from the pocket now.  This is the part of his game that has truly been broken by the Jets organzation.

    What stuck out to me yesterday is how many times Sam found himself more than 10 yards behind the line.  He has zero confidence in his ability to hang in there and make a throw.

  2. 42 minutes ago, KRL said:

    If we hire a college HC to replace Gase (Campbell, Fitzgerald, Riley) I wouldn't
    mind having Ryan come back as the DC

    I'd love it too but it's not happening.  Not at the Jets at least.  Rex views the Jets HC job as forever his.

  3. They are listenable at times, but it's true they rarely talk actual sports anymore.  It's just so different from normal afternoon drive.  I think they will find a way to stick around because Carton is an engaging guy and Evan is learning how to function as the resident "Sports guy" who chimes in when they need an actual informed opinion.

    FWIW Carton does seem to have decent sources.  He had a good scoop this week in who the Mets are targeting and it seems to come from a pretty high level 

  4. On 11/25/2020 at 3:33 PM, peekskill68 said:

    How Jetsy would it be for Darnold to go on a run and win 3 games pushing us out of the top two slots?  

    If so, they should keep Sam and pivot to Jamarr Chase.  Then go get Allen Robinson.   It'd be those two and Mims, along with Crowder.  Give Sam a new coach who can give Sam a fresh start with those WRs and another addition or two on the o-line.  They have the cap room, it can definitely be done.

    The real value to landing the top pick is to lure a culture-changing head coach here who can turn this franchise around.  I'm cool with either Lawrence or Darnold as long as we can get a coach to remove the stench.

    I personally don't see the Jets as an unattractive job with all the picks and the cap room.  They aren't tied up in many bad contracts, the flexibility is there.  They just have the worst coaching staff in football right now and were devoid of talent at the skill positions for the first half of the season, and it showed.  In the second half of the season they have been competitive and will continue to be as long as the WRs stay healthy.

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  5. The Jets may have ruined his internal clock and sense for pressure.

    It's not his accuracy that's the problem.  When he has time he can be accurate enough.

    The issue for me is he tends to miss the open receiver and throw it to somebody else or take a sack.  Another team has to hope with better pressure and a better overall culture he'll learn to see the field better.  If so he can be a good QB.

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