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  1. at this point just cut Harvin and draft a speedster who can return kicks and go over-the-top to be the 4th WR.  Let's see what Shaq Evans can do too.


    Focus on getting a complete TE like Fasano instead.

  2. people need to calm down.  Maccagnan just got us a true #1 WR for a fifth round pick.

    The cap is increasing folks, therefore salaries must increase.  $7.5 million for Harris would've been a lot 2-3 years ago but in today's world with the new TV deals, get used to it.  It's really more of an average deal for a player like Harris.


    The sky is not falling.

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  3. Aboushi deserves a chance to start.  Question is: can Dozier step in at RG?  If not they need to bring someone in or draft.


    I don't want Brian Winters anywhere but on the bench.  The scouting report on Winters out of college was that he plays with a mean streak, but it's meaningless if you can't pass block 1-on-1 in the NFL.  He's a career backup.

  4. Pace will be a starter and can still play at a high level.  Maybe on passing downs IK or Babin takes his place as a pass rusher.  Pace is the kind of player you don't really miss until he's gone.


    Agree that Coples should play with his hand in the dirt as much as possible as a 7 or 9 technique primarily rushing.


    They need to add 1 OLB and 1 ILB at a minimum.  Davis had good sideline-to-sideline ability but lacks the size to be a true enforcer.  Harris is still a very good player, but you worry about his pass coverage abilities too.

  5. This trade makes sense.  Chip Kelly wants to maximize defensive talent.  Rex wants to maximize offensive talent.  Their respective weaknesses.  I guess this means the Bills will let Spiller walk....


    The big question is: Does this mean the Bills are "all-in" on David Harris?

  6. Powell is extremely valuable in blitz pickup as a 3rd down back and he's not afraid to run betwen the tackles.  Very underrated player but if they want Spiller then they unfortunately have to let him walk.  Doesn't make sense to have both and then Powell wastes away on the bench.

  7. Fasano and Bowles have a history from the Dolphins and both are Parcells guys.  I can see this happening.  Fasano as an all-around TE (blocking, route running, catching) can be considered better than both Amaro and that hot piece of garbage Cumberland who I want out of town.

  8. I've seen enough of Geno to know he is not the answer.  While he has the physical tools, his intangibles and ability to read and diagnose a defense are just awful.

    I'd rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick than Geno, which isn't saying much but at least Fitzpatrick has somewhat of a track record with Gailey.

    Geno is a lifetime backup.  Nothing more.

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  9. Pauline said the same about Jets/Mariota. Here's hoping.

    There was a poll in some Philly paper recently and it came out largely in favor of trading for Mariota. That fan base wouldn't say a peep if Chip gave up 3 firsts for him. Latest rumor I saw was the Eagles trying to include Shady McCoy in any deal. If the Jets want it, they can get a deal made today.

    Well if it's true that the Jets want Spiller, maybe they can get Jordan Matthews from Philly instead?

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