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  1. Between Huff, Hall, Davis, and Zuniga, we may have 4 defensive starters and 2 offensive starters (Mims, Becton) from this draft. That'd be amazing. The rest of the season should be dedicated to finding out if Hall, Huff, and Zuniga can be legit starters in this league. I already think Mims, Becton, and Davis are on that trajectory.
  2. And here I was thinking he would just pull a hamstring
  3. So that's 1 out of 9 games in which he's showed up.... I do feel like I need to see Sam with all the WRs healthy now to compare to Flacco's production...
  4. Adam Gase is the victim of bad luck and needs more time for evaluation. Oh wait, is this hot takes? I thought it was bad takes.
  5. Because it's the Jets. Mike Maccagnan was in over his head.
  6. I’m bringing back Poole, Maye, Ficken, and maybe Castillo. That’s it.
  7. Browning Nagle has to be up there. His failure more than anything led this franchise into the dirt from 1992-7 until Parcells got us out.
  8. For what? A bag of stale chips?
  9. If they play Flacco they're guaranteed to go 0-16 even if Belichick purposely suits up Foxboro High School.
  10. He’s gonna announce an extension for Gase on Election Day to bury the story. only kidding. I hope.
  11. I really don't see how COVID causing him to miss two games lowers his draft standing at all. If 2 weeks ago he was the best to come out since Luck then he still is now, Heisman or no Heisman.
  12. They should let Eric Allen go and just roll with her and Olivia Landis. That would get people to watch their videos.
  13. This new show is doomed. Carton is a morning guy. On afternoon drive he'll be a fish out of water. Maybe Evan will save the show just by the fact that he actually talks sports. This is the Mike and the Mad Dog time slot. If you can't live and breathe sports you don't belong in that slot. I think Kay will beat this experiment, and soon enough it'll be Boomer, Carton, and Gio in the mornings. Evan will find a new partner. Ideally they need to combine Evan's Jets/Mets/Nets fandom with a new partner that goes Yanks/Giants/Knicks. Joe's angry old man schtick was a good counterbalance to Evan's "new school" stuff but I guess there are no old school guys really left to pair him with. If JJ was a Giants fan instead of Dolphins he'd be the guy. The truth is nobody will ever live up to Mike and his earned narcissism.
  14. Trevor Lawrence and 3 other picks from, say, #20-33 overall could be enough to get a culture changing head coach here. I think Lawrence is worried about the Jets in their current state but if we can get a Matt Campbell or someone on that level who can build a program, that could be enough to get him to declare.
  15. ESPN is the one who poached Bart from WFAN, because ESPN gigs come with more media appearances.
  16. Lawrence is a great prospect but Mahomes is unique and nobody is recreating Kansas City. I see Lawrence in a read option heavy system in year 1. He still doesn’t really play under center much.
  17. That can be true. It still doesn't invalidate the argument that Joe Douglas committed malpractice at the receiver position.
  18. AZ was 5-10-1 in 2019. Jets were 7-9. Both with young franchise QBs. AZ went out and got their QB Deandre Hopkins, the best WR in football. NYJ let their best receiver Robby Anderson walk, and replaced him with a below average starter in Breshad Perriman, making life tougher for their franchise QB. AZ is 5-2. Jets are 0-6. We reap what we sow. Joe Douglas should not be absolved.
  19. The hesitation worked in Pittsburgh because that's just the way that system and o-line were but he's gonna need to be a little more north-south with other units.
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