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  1. If you think the next regime is going to want coaching staff holdovers you aren't thinking big enough. Let Jefferson take the job and walk, it'll be good for his resume to eventually work his way up. And trust the next HC to replace him well.
  2. I'd take a flyer on Shawn Jefferson. He was a decent NFL player in his day, so he'd be able to relate to the players and would command respect in the locker room.
  3. The real concern is whether this season is breaking the young players. If so, and it looks like it, Gase needs to be fired yesterday. They can go 0-16 with a coach that will at least be better culture-wise.
  4. I can't wait for Rex to swallow his pride and take a defensive coordinator job where he has free rein of the defense. He's not HC material but he's a legendary DC and football is fun when he's doing it. I guess he'd never take the Jets DC job because he will always view himself as a HC here but somewhere else, maybe,
  5. Don't ever move Becton away from LT. He's a potential hall of fame talent there.
  6. If you can't get a good 1st then don't trade him, hope the next coaching regime can make him dominant.
  7. Is there a way to mute people in this forum? I think it's time for me to mute SAR
  8. I've always thought Carton got more praise than he deserved. He's competent, but in the better days of radio he wouldn't be viewed as the elite talent he is presented as now. I honestly think more people listen to Joe & Evan for Joe than Evan, just because Joe has built up a brand and shtick of his own for 25 years now. So it's no guarantee ratings are that good for a Carton & Evan show.
  9. Lawrence is a special prospect. He's probably the only prospect better than Darnold since Luck. If he can get a real deal HC here who can change the culture of this team it would be worth it, as tough as it is to move on from Sam prematurely.
  10. This is a problem with this franchise - the media constantly jumps on the "same old jets" meme and gives the whole country a taste of that toxic mentality.
  11. Woody is a born loser and BB could sense it. UGH
  12. Any chance we actually see Darnold with Mims, Perriman, and Crowder next week?
  13. We finally have a QB who can play and we're gonna jettison him off at the age of 23 because his head coach and front office have been incompetent. Trevor Lawrence better be elite.
  14. No he didn't, he stopped running on the first play, could have had a deep catch or TD, instead incomplete pass. He stinks.
  15. Total rebuild in full effect, he was one of the last leaders left on this team
  16. Gregg found out they're intentionally trying to tank now
  17. They'll trade Darnold and then lose out on Lawrence, watch.
  18. Live look at a high-level meeting between Gase and Christopher Johnson:
  19. He's with Zuniga in the Bermuda Triangle. They both will probably never play a down as a Jet.
  20. Wake me up when he actually plays and doesn’t get hurt. Until then he’s chopped liver.
  21. They'll go 1-15, will beat Miami the 2nd game, Mims will catch the game-winning TD but will tear his ACL on the play. Giants will go 0-16, get Lawrence, win 5 Super Bowls. Darnold will walk in free agency to escape the Johnson bros. Josh McCown your 2023 starting QB. (Teddy Bridgewater will win the MVP that year btw.)
  22. If Gase had been fired after the Denver game as he should've been, maybe Bell finds a new role by now. Instead he's released. F this franchise. F Adam Gase. F Christopher Johnson for falling for Gase's spell. Oh and F Mike Maccagnan.
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