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  1. The meme pic doesn't match the caption
  2. Just another example of why this organization is a joke. Johnson and Elhai are gonna decide between Darnold and Lawrence.
  3. CJ and Woody are both fools who know a lot less about football than they think they do. That's why this franchise has the worst organizational culture in the league. They more than anyone are the reason this team sucks so badly.
  4. Whoever is it they need to be able to change the culture of this team completely. I don't need an offensive genius as much as I need a guy who can coach up a young team, relate to them, and make them better.
  5. Absolutely not. What happens if we don’t get Lawrence, either by not getting the top pick or him not wanted to play here as the media seems determined to postulate? Then we’d be left with nobody. That would be an all-time dumb move.
  6. At this point I’d suck it up and just name Gregg Williams interim HC even though he doesn’t deserve it, just to get Gase out and shift the culture a little. Give Cooter the offense. Gase is toxifying the culture with each passing week.
  7. Bell has been a good soldier for as long as anyone in that locker room, but Adam Gase ruins careers and I can't blame him for being real. Gase needs to go. He is a terrible terrible head coach.
  8. Not sure if the NFL will be able to hold this together with all the players going home and out in the general public, where they are exposed to their kids, who go out to school, etc,.
  9. There's like 5-6 things that all have to break right for the Jets to be good next year: 1) New HC who is competent and can change the culture overnight 2) Sam responds to the new HC and plays well 3) We revolutionize the WR position this offseason with the $90 mil in cap space. Somehow get Allan Robinson and draft Jamarr Chase 4) CJ Mosley comes back in good shape and the culture of the defense changes 5) A legit edge rusher emerges or signs 6) We shore up the CB position currently occupied by Desir.
  10. You have Lawrence in your name, you'll be back
  11. Darnold needs a mental reset and better coaching/players and he’ll be fine. We need to get talent talent and more talent around him, and a real winning football culture. Darnold is surrounded by talentless losers right now, starting with Gase.
  12. If it's a torn labrum Becton should just get the surgery and come back next year. He's clearly ready to play at an elite level, we know that.
  13. Trading up for Darnold was the right move. The organizational failure to evaluate him and nurture his strengths after drafting him was the wrong move.
  14. Wait for the 2 Dolphins games to play Sam, that's our next chance at winning
  15. He's not tanking for Trevor, but he was never trying to compete for a wild card this year either. It's a punt. He signed unimpressive players like Perriman on a 1 year deal (a 1st round pick 5 years ago who's now been cast off of 3 teams) instead of getting a proven starter. He was content to go into the season with zero bona fide edge rushers. He signed Pierre Desir on 1 year deal, a marginal CB in his 6th year on his 5th team, instead of a better player. It's obvious Douglas was content to be well below .500 this year and accrue picks and cap space for next season. With the o-line more settled now, he needs to spend an offseason working on the skill positions. If Douglas was serious about competing this year he would've signed a pass rusher, a veteran WR, or Logan Ryan. This will definitely factor into his Darnold evaluation. He probably knows deep down he's set Sam up to fail.
  16. Douglas punted on this year. He may not admit it but that's what he did.
  17. "Hop in losers....we're going 7-9."
  18. Sounds like Greg Roman has the inside track because of his history with Joe Douglas. There's no questioning Roman's football skills. Is he the teacher and leader of men this organization needs for a total culture change? I'm not sure of that. He doesn't seem all that fiery at first glance but hey what do I know.
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