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  1. There's like 5-6 things that all have to break right for the Jets to be good next year:

    1) New HC who is competent and can change the culture overnight

    2) Sam responds to the new HC and plays well

    3) We revolutionize the WR position this offseason with the $90 mil in cap space.  Somehow get Allan Robinson and draft Jamarr Chase

    4) CJ Mosley comes back in good shape and the culture of the defense changes

    5) A legit edge rusher emerges or signs

    6) We shore up the CB position currently occupied by Desir.

  2. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    Counter Argument:

    1. He expected Perriman, Mims, Crowder, Smith to not all get injured and miss so much time.

    2. He expected Bell to do....something, anything.

    3. He expected Gase, the "offensive Genius", and Darnold, the "Elite Franchise QB" to improve.  Neither have.

    4. He expected Greg Williams to maintain an average Defense without Adams.

    5. He expected Mosely to play, not opt out.

    All of the above were reasonable expectations from JD.  None have happened.  The entire WR room looks like a MASH unit.  Bell is absentee.  Mosely is an absentee.  Gase and Darnold are nighmarishly bad at their jobs, amongst the worst in the NFL.

    Don't get me wrong, JD has to own this failure of a year, it's his team.  But I don't think for a second he came into 2020 with "tank (for Trevor?)" as his actual plan.  I think he planned all along to compete this year.

    He's not tanking for Trevor, but he was never trying to compete for a wild card this year either.  It's a punt.  He signed unimpressive players like Perriman on a 1 year deal (a 1st round pick 5 years ago who's now been cast off of 3 teams) instead of getting a proven starter.  He was content to go into the season with zero bona fide edge rushers.  He signed Pierre Desir on 1 year deal, a marginal CB in his 6th year on his 5th team, instead of a better player.

    It's obvious Douglas was content to be well below .500 this year and accrue picks and cap space for next season.  With the o-line more settled now, he needs to spend an offseason working on the skill positions.  If Douglas was serious about competing this year he would've signed a pass rusher, a veteran WR, or Logan Ryan.  This will definitely factor into his Darnold evaluation.  He probably knows deep down he's set Sam up to fail.

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  3. Sounds like Greg Roman has the inside track because of his history with Joe Douglas.  There's no questioning Roman's football skills.  Is he the teacher and leader of men this organization needs for a total culture change?  I'm not sure of that.  He doesn't seem all that fiery at first glance but hey what do I know.

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