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  1. I think "what more could they have done to help Zach in his rookie year"?' 3 things stand out: 1) Looking back, it was malpractice for Douglas not to address RG and Center. He needed to overpay to make something happen there. I and many others knew it at the time and we were right. 2) It was also a bad idea to hire a rookie 33 year old OC who looks in over his head at the moment. 3) Finally, what was the downside to bringing in a veteran backup QB who can guide this kid when he makes a mistake and comes back to the sideline?
  2. Yeah if he didn’t insult Goodell in those emails we’re probably never hearing about this.
  3. Didn't even notice he was in the game tbh
  4. Agreed, the lack of game planning and scheming plays for specific players is alarming. If this is how these guys are gonna operate long-term this won’t end well. The successful teams make opponent-specific adjustments.
  5. I'd draft Zach again and not commit malpractice by replacing Van Roten and McGovern. I also wouldn't make a 33 year old kid OC and not give him a veteran backup to settle him down.
  6. We've basically only scored on drives where Zach has gone playground or that big kick return set one up. LaFleur is straight up bad at this job.
  7. Well in that case, good job Van Roten, you really blocked the sh*t out of that air!
  8. Not bracketing Kyle Pitts yesterday with both their WRs out is inexcusably bad coaching. So is not taking more deep shots with Mims and not using Moore out of the slot more. Falcons were the worst scoring D in the league coming into the game and the Jets looked like they hadn't even watched film on this team. Starting to really wonder about Saleh and LaFleur...
  9. 5th offensive play of the game. Tackled for a 3 yard loss. Drive killer.
  10. I too expect head coaches to have immediate success, never mind the long list of HCs who got better over time.
  11. LaFleur is the new Schottenheimer. His scheme sucks, and Saleh won't do what needs to be done.
  12. I have a different answer: The Jets coaches currently would rather put in place a supposedly proven scheme and build a culture rather than design game plans, plays, and routes specifically for the players they have. Both Moore and Mims bring skill sets that allow for scheming specifically for them (Mims presents a significant matchup problem 1 on 1 going deep on the outside, which is also a big part of Zach Wilson's game), but I haven't seen it yet. I guess I'm hoping it's because it's year 1 and right now they care more about culture than anything else, including the win total in 2021. If we're in year 2/3, contending for the playoffs, and still doing it, I'll be concerned. Mims missed OTAs, likely knew his assignments least out of all the WRs in training camp, and got put in the doghouse as a result. Regardless of talent it seems the coaches care more about culture at this point. Personally I don't like it because I do think using vertical routes with Mims gives them a better chance to win, but I'll let it slide in year 1. Not afterwards though. The "phone booth" offense is not a good fit for Zach WIlson and LaFleur/Saleh need to wake up on that.
  13. Even though they won, the internals were not great, that’s what they were focusing on. No running game to speak of. QB under duress a lot even though he was able to escape and make plays…
  14. LaFleur needs to run more specific plays for guys like Moore and Mims to take advantage of their skill sets.
  15. Who the hell wants to pay $100 to park among all the other costs?
  16. -Zach Wilson -The whole DL, especially JFM, Q, Bryce Huff -Mosley and Quincy Williams
  17. He belongs for sure, a good physical complement to Mosley's agility. His motor is 110% and its cool we have 2 brothers on the same D.
  18. I can’t speak for Atlanta and SF, but in 3 games I’ve seen poor scheming with the talent at hand, and I don’t like the heavy use of tight formations with receivers well inside the numbers. I also don’t like running out of 2 TE sets when we have 0 starting NFL tight ends who can block, among other things. Hopefully we see the adjustments soon.
  19. The offense is undoubtedly lost. LaFleur has failed to implement his scheme, which sucks by the way.
  20. Agreed. This guy is in over his head. Has no idea how to adapt to his strengths. We are in for trouble.
  21. At least Gase had the sense to line up Mims over Jeff Smith at WR, and to use the full 53 yard width of the field instead of packing everyone in 20 yards.
  22. AVT has quietly been a bright spot. He's made some mental errors because he's a rookie. But you see the talent, upside, and potential for consistency. He will be fine here for years.
  23. The 2 TE sets are baffling when the Jets are heavy on WRs and have the worst TEs in the NFL. LaFleur is clearly in over his head and let’s hope Saleh has the maturity to force a change in strategy.
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