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  1. 2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    I dislike that they don’t even make adjustments to fit their own players. Is Zack Wilson not allowed to run the ball? Does Mims have to play exactly like Deebo Samuel? Why is Elijah Moore playing on the outside? Why are they still trying to make Wesco into a fullback even though he can’t do it? Why were they trying to use Becton in a zone blocking scheme? Why are they using Mosely as an off-the-ball OLB? Why did they draft two strong safeties, convert them into OLBs, and then not use them to cover TEs? 

    Preach brother. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    I feel like the bigger problem is that both Saleh and Douglas are treating this like a redshirt year for themselves because they’re starting a rookie and they act like every game is just extended preseason.

    Agreed, the lack of game planning and scheming plays for specific players is alarming.  If this is how these guys are gonna operate long-term this won’t end well.  The successful teams make opponent-specific adjustments.  

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  3. I have a different answer: The Jets coaches currently would rather put in place a supposedly proven scheme and build a culture rather than design game plans, plays, and routes specifically for the players they have.   Both Moore and Mims bring skill sets that allow for scheming specifically for them (Mims presents a significant matchup problem 1 on 1 going deep on the outside, which is also a big part of Zach Wilson's game), but I haven't seen it yet.  I guess I'm hoping it's because it's year 1 and right now they care more about culture than anything else, including the win total in 2021.  If we're in year 2/3, contending for the playoffs, and still doing it, I'll be concerned.

    Mims missed OTAs, likely knew his assignments least out of all the WRs in training camp, and got put in the doghouse as a result.  Regardless of talent it seems the coaches care more about culture at this point.  Personally I don't like it because I do think using vertical routes with Mims gives them a better chance to win, but I'll let it slide in year 1.  Not afterwards though.  The "phone booth" offense is not a good fit for Zach WIlson and LaFleur/Saleh need to wake up on that.

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    • Post of the Week 1
  4. Even though they won, the internals were not great, that’s what they were focusing on.  No running game to speak of.  QB under duress a lot even though he was able to escape and make plays…

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  5. 8 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    The Shanghai offense that LaFluer was brought here to implement hardly sucks.  It got Atlanta to a SB that they should have won, SF to a SB, turned Rodgers career along with GB around.
    Because it hasn’t worked here yet doesn’t erase the fact that wherever it’s gone it’s been successful.  Where isn’t it working? 

    I can’t speak for Atlanta and SF, but in 3 games I’ve seen poor scheming with the talent at hand, and I don’t like the heavy use of tight formations with receivers well inside the numbers.  I also don’t like running out of 2 TE sets when we have 0 starting NFL tight ends who can block, among other things.  
    Hopefully we see the adjustments soon.

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