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  1. Totally agree with Joe. Saleh being the players’ buddy isn’t gonna help anyone get better. He needs to start taking names and enforcing accountability. That’s how you build a culture.
  2. In Saleh's interview with Michael Kay today he acknowledged LaFleur's system is built on tight formations, with receivers inside the numbers and working in high traffic areas "in a phone booth." Watching the tape I rarely see a Jets WR split out at the numbers. The receivers are mostly standing right next to the OL. This bunches 15-16 players in a tight area, which inevitably makes it harder to run and makes the passing windows very narrow for a rookie QB. I really question the merit of building an entire system around these tight formations. Clearly none of the players seem all that comfortable trying to execute it. This is what we mean when we say the coaches are not putting the players in position for success. Why put this stress on Wilson? Why not split the WRs out wide, where you can get them in 1 on 1 matchups vertically, where guys like Corey Davis and Mims can use their size to catch back-shoulder, and let Moore operate in more space over the middle? Let Wilson run 3 step drops with larger passing windows. I think Saleh has become so obsessed with the idea of culture change and is maybe a little apprehensive about his offensive expertise, so he is being very rigid with "the system" and making everyone adapt to it for the sole reason of "it worked elsewhere." LaFleur too. They have this bias and it's preventing them from taking a step back and realizing they have to work with the talent they have. Is this really what Kyle Shanahan did in SF? Tight formations all the time? It's not what I remember TBH but I could be wrong.
  3. If you think this is about bending over for the fan base you’re an idiot. 20 points in 3 games.
  4. There's no conspiracy theory here. This just comes down to bad coaching. Good coaches would find ways to get Mims on the field running patterns he can succeed in. Bad coaches line up 5'8 guys and Jeff Smith on the outside boundary instead.
  5. Does Saleh think people in NY/NJ are stupid? Maybe he's the stupid one.
  6. I literally cannot wait until McGovern and Van Roten are off this team.
  7. But I was told players who don’t know the right routes don’t play….
  8. The thing about Parcells is he was a COACH. He didn't put scheme over player. He knew how to take talent and put it on the field in a position to succeed. Saleh and LaFleur put scheme before player, misuse their talent (or don't play them at all) and the product on the field suffers for it.
  9. It's becoming apparent Joe Douglas sucks, can't draft well, can't pick the right free agents, just cheap out and call it a "long-term plan" (lol.) Absolute garbage. Fire this failure and get someone here who is willing to do what it takes to get a real NFL offensive line.
  10. Rex did well with Mangini's roster, when that ran its course we saw what a mediocre head coach and talent evaluator he is. Maybe you missed the last 3 seasons when all he did after every loss was say "boy this came out of nowhere, practice was great!" Maybe it's because the players don't practice full speed.
  11. It’s Rex Ryan all over again, when we get our asses handed to us, just disclaim that practice was great. Unbelievable.
  12. Zach Wilson is being put in a terrible position by an incompetent OL and horrible offensive system and coaching. His coaching and protection are not putting him in a position to succeed.
  13. All I gotta say is Saleh better evolve instead of hitching his wagon to 33 year old LaFleur and his faux Shanahan crap system.
  14. A CEO head coach should basically act as a high-level strategy consultant to the coordinator. Saleh needs to take this approach. The Jets offense has scored 6 points in the past 8 quarters, and just 20 points in 12 qtrs overall. It's clearly not working. Not even making the developmental excuse can account for this level of functionality. Saleh needs to understand LaFleur is just 33, and maybe needs some intervention. It starts with the OL. Joe Douglas is partially to blame for not getting better veteran talent here to complement AVT and (when healthy) Becton. Van Roten is one of the worst guards in the NFL and McGovern is probably in the bottom half at his position. Fant is nothing special either. At some point you gotta pay up to cover the basics, and Douglas right now needs to consider trading an a draft asset for a competent interior lineman just to keep Wilson alive and his internal clock intact. An in-season trade is not desirable but may be necessary. Van Roten specifically is going to ruin Wilson, he needs to be replaced. But anyway here's what Saleh needs to do on September 27th: 1) A competent offense doesn't need 100 plays. It only needs 10-15 plays they can run really well, with timing and execution. Throw out the playbook and simplify it. In 2009 Rex actually made a good intervention in Sanchez with the red light/green light system, it helped stop a losing streak. Ask Zach Wilson what are his 10-15 plays that he feels best about, have a meeting with the offense about those plays and others. And make that your game plan for Sunday. 2) The WR position is all out of sorts. Corey Davis is in a funk, Elijah Moore now has a concussion. Crowder isn't healthy. It's time for the coaches to do their jobs and find a way to get the talent that Mims has on the field. I don't care about "the system." These are NFL coaches, they should be expected to find a way to get the young talent on the field. 3) I don't care how much they like Ty Johnson's running ability, he is a liability to this team with his inability to blitz pickup. Find a 3rd down back on the free agent market who can blitz pickup. I know they want to play young guys, but Zach Wilson needs to be kept alive. 4) Tell LaFleur to stop trying to run out of 2 TE sets because the Jets simply don't have 2 TEs who can block. I'm so sick of seeing Daniel Brown and Ryan Griffin getting beat in run blocking. They'd be better off going 3/4 wide (Davis and Mims on the outside, Moore in the slot), spreading the D out, and letting the RBs find the open gaps. But "the system" seems to only have 1 running play: outside zone. Yay. Time for Saleh to do his job and expand it.
  15. 6 points in the last 8 quarters, receivers getting minimal separation, but Mims isn’t even given a chance? this coaching staff is pretty clueless
  16. Saleh and Mike LaFleur were on the same staff last season, so its not like Matt LaFleur was a middle man. But I agree Mike has been bad so far.
  17. Here's how I imagine the Mims things is going behind the scenes: -Mims missed OTAs and minicamp so he missed out on getting a head start learning the system. He didn't anticipate that the Shanahan system is way more complex than the Gase system. -In training camp he routinely didn't know what route to run. -In meetings players get randomly quizzed on assignments, Mims routinely doesn't know the answer and other guys do. -Mims doesn't stay late and other guys do. He could be a partier instead or just lazy. I'm guessing most of these things are true. They are trying to change the culture here so sending a message by not rewarding these types. Even so, it's still coaching malpractice not to have worked him in, especially in week 1 when we were trotting out lesser talent on the boundary. My guess is the coaches are hoping by week 8 or so he knows the system better and can work him in when an injury happens, but until then he is being made an example of.
  18. Here's the thing - I really like Berrios. I also acknowledge that any team where Berrios is the leading receiver and getting 25% of targets is doomed. He has limitations as a player, but he's learning how to play quite well within those limitations.
  19. Rex is irrelevant in 2021. Why does him making one of his routine braggadocio statements deserve its own thread?
  20. 13 points in 8 quarters without Mims on the field sounds dumb to me. We've tried it LaFleur's way and it hasn't even come close to working.
  21. For real, the little sprint right play to Moore was all they needed
  22. The 3rd pick was the only INT intended for Moore. It was a fade pattern jump ball on the outside. Ask our coaches why a 5'8 guy was sent to run that route while 6'4 Mims was in street clothes.
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