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  1. 7 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    Probably. He wouldn’t be wrong.

    This isn’t about route trees, obviously, and he’s not airing it out for all the see. Grown men would appreciate this level of discretion and consideration. Grown men also believe in earning a job, big expecting one.

    I don’t need to know the story with Mims to see that the vast majority of our fanbase crying about this is 1.) brain dead, 2.) piggishly arrogant enough to think they ‘deserve’ every detail, 3.) would be the first ones to cry ‘keep it in the locker room’.

    So, Saleh has a lot to address in my opinion, but bending over for this fan base isn’t on the list.

    If you think this is about bending over for the fan base you’re an idiot.  20 points in 3 games. 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Agreed.  I can't imagine anyone would draw up a play with three wide receivers lined in trips right and all run the same route.  Don't think this one is on Lafleur.

    But I was told players who don’t know the right routes don’t play….

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  3. 1 minute ago, Biggs said:

    The coaching staff was first rate across the board.  Arguably one of the greatest coaching staffs in NFL history.

    The thing about Parcells is he was a COACH.  He didn't put scheme over player.  He knew how to take talent and put it on the field in a position to succeed.

    Saleh and LaFleur put scheme before player, misuse their talent (or don't play them at all) and the product on the field suffers for it.

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  4. It's becoming apparent Joe Douglas sucks, can't draft well, can't pick the right free agents, just cheap out and call it a "long-term plan" (lol.)

    Absolute garbage.  Fire this failure and get someone here who is willing to do what it takes to get a real NFL offensive line.

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  5. 21 minutes ago, Jet hustle said:

    Rex ryan gave us winning football.  We went 8 and 8 under rex with a crappy roster.   What the hell are you talking about?

    Rex did well with Mangini's roster, when that ran its course we saw what a mediocre head coach and talent evaluator he is.  Maybe you missed the last 3 seasons when all he did after every loss was say "boy this came out of nowhere, practice was great!"

    Maybe it's because the players don't practice full speed.

  6. Here's how I imagine the Mims things is going behind the scenes:

    -Mims missed OTAs and minicamp so he missed out on getting a head start learning the system.  He didn't anticipate that the Shanahan system is way more complex than the Gase system.

    -In training camp he routinely didn't know what route to run.

    -In meetings players get randomly quizzed on assignments, Mims routinely doesn't know the answer and other guys do.

    -Mims doesn't stay late and other guys do.  He could be a partier instead or just lazy.

    I'm guessing most of these things are true.  They are trying to change the culture here so sending a message by not rewarding these types.

    Even so, it's still coaching malpractice not to have worked him in, especially in week 1 when we were trotting out lesser talent on the boundary.

    My guess is the coaches are hoping by week 8 or so he knows the system better and can work him in when an injury happens, but until then he is being made an example of.


  7. 1 hour ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    That third run in a row when they were at the two yard line was egregious. I saw Moore singled and was like "this is a touchdown" and then they ran it up the middle. I wrote in my notepad "game over" (I don't have a notepad, I think I'm quoting MMQB)

    For real, the little sprint right play to Moore was all they needed

  8. 1 minute ago, Matt39 said:

    Moore looked like he didn’t want to be there yesterday. Is this why he dropped to the second? His effort on some of those interceptions was embarrassing.

    The 3rd pick was the only INT intended for Moore.  It was a fade pattern jump ball on the outside.  Ask our coaches why a 5'8 guy was sent to run that route while 6'4 Mims was in street clothes.

  9. 5 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    The running game seemed to work really well yesterday, you just didn't see as much of it because it would be good run, good run, "OMG what did Wilson just do"?? 

    It's pretty  impossible to say that it was the OCs fault for those INTs. One of those was on a roll out where Wilson had Moore wide open short and Wilson opted to throw it deeper to a well covered Davis which turned into a bad pass/INT. It definitely seemed like they gave Wilson 2 options and Wilson just chose horribly wrong. 

    The 3rd pick was the OC's fault for lining up Moore in a fade over Mims

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