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  1. Starting to wonder what the hell LaFleur is good for. He legit seems to be in over his head.
  2. As a whole, the line was better yesterday. BUT, Van Roten and McGovern are still trash. That Moses came in and did well, and yet the coaches started Fant in week 1 over Moses, shows how clueless LaFleur is.
  3. You need to be able to jump to consistently win the 1-on-1 go route in the NFL. Don’t even try to say 5’8 Moore has a better chance than Mims. If it’s Mims out there Zach’s 3rd pick yesterday is probably an incompletion.
  4. college is a different beast than the NFL. 5'8 Moore isn't outrunning CBs routinely. Gotta take the size advantage that Mims brings.
  5. Agree with OP, Van Roten is awful, a liability up there, gave up at least 3-4 sacks yesterday. He's gonna get Zach killed or ruined. Do we really not have someone who can play guard?
  6. Moore isn’t a bust but he’s being asked to run go routes on the outside which is too big an ask for him
  7. I don’t know why I have to see Moore in crunch time run a go on the outside when he belongs in the slot, and Mims rots on the bench when he might have the best chance on the team of winning the outside 1 on 1 battle.
  8. rest easy, AVT was fine the majority of the game. He had a couple of bad plays in his first game, but he wasn't consistently bad like Van Roten, McGovern, and Fant.
  9. AVT will be fine. We need another guard, a center, and a right tackle for 2022 though
  10. 6 wins at best. Next year is the year where we actually win some games. We aren't winning anything with McGovern, Van Rotten, and Fant on the OL. Pray Zach doesn't get ruined by this trash OL
  11. Joe Douglas continuing the Jets 2nd and 3rd round draft curse. Davis and Mims won't be on this team next year at this rate.
  12. This is a classic example of overcoaching. Do these coaches want to win games? Find a way to make it work and get your talent on the damn field. We aren't winning with Braxton Berrios out there, even though I like Berrios.
  13. Take your damn “system” and stick it where the sun don’t shine. I had to endure Berrios and Smith playing last season and it’s nothing good. Mims meanwhile actually makes some downfield catches. Classic case of coaches overcomplicating football. It’s clear they don’t care about winning as much as they care about their style of coaching. If Saleh truly believes Berrios and Jeff Smith give them a better chance he should be fired before he’s ever allowed to set foot in the building again. So sick of this crap.
  14. Exactly. The very fact they signed Moses was an indictment on Fant. Fant's cap # is over $9 million this year, he's one of the most overpaid people on the team. Moses was a respected player in Washington, give him a chance.
  15. Agreed - they need to get a Trent Williams or Joe Thuney type here. Veterans matter when you have a young QB, they are the types of players that change cultures. Remember when the Jets brought in Pete Kendall in 2004? They were the best OL in the league that year.
  16. 1) The first takeaway is that if we ever want an elite OL, McGovern and Van Roten need to go. These guys are JAGs with no upside who consistently get pushed into the backfield, whether it's a run or pass. Particularly McGovern who does not have great upper body strength seems to be 2 yards into the backfield after every snap. Van Roten is never gonna be a guy you feel good running behind either, he's just very mediocre. The Jets have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds and I fully expect them to draft/sign a new guard and center this offseason. 2) 2nd takeaway is that George Fant is not a good pass blocker from the RT position, got beat a quite a bit, and he also needs to go. It's hard to see how Morgan Moses could have been any worse than Fant, at least Moses brings more upside in the running game. Fant can do neither run or pass blocking that well, so I'm not sure why he was out there. It was bad coaching to start Fant over Moses. We know what we have in Fant and it's nothing great. 3) 3rd takeaway is the left side (AVT + Becton) actually had a decent day run blocking, but a bad day pass blocking. They were the only 2 guys getting decent push on running plays, and I don't think the Jets stayed committed enough to running behind these 2 guys specifically. I'd like to see more downhill blocking and less outside zone with these maulers,. However on pass blocking they were not very good. Becton singlehandedly killed 2 drives in the first half allowing bad sacks (one was a mental breakdown where he didn't even block anyone.) AVT also had a bad miscue not picking up a blitzing DB thru his gap (focusing on a double team with McGovern instead) which blew up a drive. 4) 4th takeaway is that Mike LaFleur likes to use tight formations (meaning WRs are not split out wide - they are close to the OL) on inside running plays, which makes no sense to me because it makes it easier for the defensive backfield to converge on the runner more quickly. LaFleur did a terrible job of giving the RBs space to work with on the play designs. He also needs to call more downfield running behind Becton/AVT, the outside zone thing is not going to work as well with guys like these. 5) 5th takeaway is that Tevin Coleman blew a key 3rd down blitz pickup that also killed a drive. Coleman on the whole seems slower, I look for Michael Carter to take the starting job and run with it soon. Overall, the OL, tight ends, and receivers did not look like they wanted it as bad as the Panthers defense. They were consistently losing the point of attack and missing on blocks. There just didn't seem to be much fire in this unit. It was a team effort of crappy play, however I feel better about AVT and Becton than I do about McGovern, Van Roten, and Fant, who all need to go.
  17. If he continues to struggle, move him to RT draft a LT
  18. If the best players are going to play, it has to include Mims on a day like today. What did this guy do?
  19. The OL is bad bad. They need to figure this out fast, or Joe D is gonna look really bad.
  20. UT is not the end-all of Austin anymore. The massive influx of outsiders over the past 20 years has changed it's character.
  21. Nope, people in Central Texas love football WAY more than they do in LA. Can't even compare. As for land, I'd look south of the airport near the Formula 1 racetack. That way people could take the toll highway 130 too.
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