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  1. 2 hours ago, Albaniajet said:

    A Guard drafted top 15 should be Quentin Nelson or Zack Martin level all pro.  Not “oh it’s just his first game maybe he’s Matt Slauson after 3 years”

    rest easy, AVT was fine the majority of the game.  He had a couple of bad plays in his first game, but he wasn't consistently bad like Van Roten, McGovern, and Fant.

  2. 27 minutes ago, RoadFan said:

    Saleh just told us why Mims isn’t playing.  He doesn’t know the routes for all the WR positions.

    He had months to learn it.   Possibly, the unfortunate loss of Knapp might have affected Mims.  But all the others seem to grasp the playbook.

    We shouldn’t be criticizing the CS for not playing Mims.  They deserve praise for two reasons. (1) A bad precedent to play a guy that doesn’t know his assignments. (2) It might push Mims to play to his potential, and he has plenty of talent.  

    They are giving him more time to get it right…

    This is a classic example of overcoaching.

    Do these coaches want to win games?  Find a way to make it work and get your talent on the damn field.  We aren't winning with Braxton Berrios out there, even though I like Berrios.

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  3. Take your damn “system” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.  I had to endure Berrios and Smith playing last season and it’s nothing good.  Mims meanwhile actually makes some downfield catches.  Classic case of coaches overcomplicating football.  It’s clear they don’t care about winning as much as they care about their style of coaching.  If Saleh truly believes Berrios and Jeff Smith give them a better chance he should be fired before he’s ever allowed to set foot in the building again.  So sick of this crap.  

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    And I'd throw in a 3rd possible rationalization, which is maybe they felt Fant was a better and/or more experienced zone blocker. Of course if they felt Moses was such an poorer fit, though, then it's curious why they'd have gone after him in the first place. 

    Exactly.  The very fact they signed Moses was an indictment on Fant.  Fant's cap # is over $9 million this year, he's one of the most overpaid people on the team.  Moses was a respected player in Washington, give him a chance.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Larz said:

    I missed the first half. 

    can anyone comment on how much this offense uses cut blocks on the back side?

    chop blocks made shanahans offense go until they were outlawed. 

    cut blocks take time to learn because they are too dangerous to practice. 

    there is also a new cut block rule this year limiting it further 


    so does this offense use cut blocks?

    that could explain some of the problems 

    Don't think I saw many cut blocks.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Columbia Jet Fan said:

    One thing I'm fairly certain about is Joe D needs to just suck it up and pay retail price for one member of the OL this offseason. Enough with the bargain bin hunting and relying on draft picks. I'm optimistic that Becton and AVT will be guys - but outside of 1-2 guys every year it takes time to develop. We don't have that luxury with a rookie QB. We passed on Conklin who all the fans wanted - he's been great for Cleveland. We passed on Corey Lindsley this offseason - he and the Chargers OL were great yesterday. We passed on Trent Williams whos the best tackle in the league. 

    Just overspend on one fn established great player for the love of god b/c I'm going to die watching CMG and GVR get Zach killed. 

    Agreed - they need to get a Trent Williams or Joe Thuney type here.  Veterans matter when you have a young QB, they are the types of players that change cultures.  Remember when the Jets brought in Pete Kendall in 2004?  They were the best OL in the league that year.

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  7. 2 hours ago, section314 said:

    Not saying it's not a major city, just that their true love is Texas Longhorn football. Just like LA, they tolerate the NFL, love USC and UCLA. The Bills may have the best and loyal fans in the NFL. The Bills are Buffalo.

    UT is not the end-all of Austin anymore.  The massive influx of outsiders over the past 20 years has changed it's character.

  8. 13 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

    It's not about population and/or wealth. The area has that, but it's the same problem LA has... there's not enough interest / too many other distractions in the area. That's before you get to traffic / infrastructure problems that trying to use 35 would entail. 

    Nope, people in Central Texas love football WAY more than they do in LA.  Can't even compare.

    As for land, I'd look south of the airport near the Formula 1 racetack.  That way people could take the toll highway 130 too.

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