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  1. I mean, how CAN he? He's basically being hyped as the ultimate prototype who can do it all. However those college playoff losses showed that he is beatable.
  2. This is porn for lawyers. Nobody else cares though.
  3. I’m not going to defend this viewpoint but I do think it speaks to the idea that Wilson looks legit
  4. Darnold has the measurable stuff, good size, good release point, can make all the throws including on the run. it’s the immeasurables, the mental side of it, the ability to win a chess match with the defense, where Sam has failed. He just hasn’t been able to grab by the horns and conquer. Wilson may be a bust too but we shouldn’t let Sam’s failure cloud our judgement. I think the fact that Wilson pretty much singlehandedly elevated BYU to a 9-1 record or whatever it was suggests that Wilson probably will be more effective with the intangibles than Sam.
  5. His offense was largely nobody puffballs too. He passed the eye test to me vs a top 25 team in Coastal Carolina. His receivers dropped a lot of balls and his protection stunk a lot of the time. He still made some very impressive plays, he was the whole offense basically and came within a yard of winning.
  6. To my eyes, BYU had no business being a 9-0 team other than Zach Wilson. He elevated everyone else around him in this game. I didn't see anything special about those receivers of his, or the RB or OL, it looks like a very average team that Wilson himself elevated to 9-0. I love his release and he's definitely bigger than Baker Mayfield size-wise to me so I don't see it as a huge issue. He seems to have some of the intangibles that Darnold lacks. If I'm the Jets, unless the Texans are willing to trade Watson to us, they simply have to draft Wilson #2 overall and then hopefully have 3 other picks in the top 34 after the Sam trade to get Wilson some weapons and protection (including Allen Robinson.)
  7. Sam had the worst field vision in the NFL this year and it wasn’t even close. He never even tried to feed Mims.
  8. Sadly after 3 years this seems true. He’s got all the tangibles but not enough intangibles.
  9. Wah wah Jamal Adams might be the biggest baby I’ve ever seen in professional sports. Total immaturity.
  10. Leave the Houston metro and it’s Cowboys country in the rest of the state. Austin is closer to Houston than Dallas but it’s solidly Cowboy Country.
  11. I don't fault Macc for drafting Darnold, he was a good prospect. The problem is he ruined him in 2 years by giving him a bottom 5 OL, piss poor WR play, and horrific coaching.
  12. What Carton means is all sides are at a standoff, so don't expect any updates for a little while. Also, he has no idea how to assess trade value, he's a simpleton when it comes to that stuff. Like the rest of the NY media, he's got no sauces because Joe D. runs a tight ship.
  13. Right now this all comes down to whether the Texans leadership wants Zach Wilson or not. He's the best choice for a new GM/HC regime that wants to blow it up and start over with a QB on his rookie contract. It's just a question of whether the rather incompetent Texans see it that way, too. Maybe the Mormon thing plays into it, hopefully it doesn't. Hopefully Caserio steps up as the adult in the room and lets McNair and Easterby know.
  14. The situation needs time to marinate. As free agency or the draft draws closer, one side will blink.
  15. 3 1st round picks = #2 overall + Jamal Adams basically. Even giving the Jets picks instead of Seattle wouldn’t be that big a difference if the Jets actually had Watson. If Douglas doesn’t make that deal he will regret it for the rest of his career (unless if Zach Wilson is also elite)
  16. In March/April the Texans are gonna wake up and realize they better draft a QB this year or else. It's at that point the Jets will have the leverage and dangle #2 overall.
  17. In the NYC market you’d never see an organization include faith when evaluating talent the way the Texans organization currently does. It’s been reported in Bienemy’s interview he told them he would want them to prioritize talent over this sort of stuff. It plays in the Houston market because things are a little different culturally there. Trust me I’ve spent a good amount of time in Houston. It’s just different.
  18. That would frustrate me to no end....but it wouldn’t surprise me, Houston is a different world from NYC.
  19. Because everyone knows the way to rebuild is around a running back coming off an ACL injury about to be due his 2nd contract...
  20. Zach Wilson should be plan B
  21. There's all sort of veteran trades out there, but the Texans have a rookie GM and rookie HC. They are going to try to blow it up, get draft assets, and so a rebuild. Having a veteran QB on a high priced contract doesn't really fit the dynamics of the plan. Drafting a rookie QB #2 overall that they can control for 5 years before worrying about paying him is the ideal scenario, so they'll be looking for that to be the case. It's all a question of whether they like Wilson or Fields. If they do, that's the path they need to go.
  22. I don’t think Watson is dead set on any one team. He’d gladly go to several places including NY and Miami. The key is do the Texans really covet that #2 overall pick to take a QB or will they try to fill the QB position elsewhere? If they really want Wilson they will try to send him to NY and he’d waive the clause in all likelihood.
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