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  1. To me the big question is this: What do the Texans think of Zach Wilson?

    if they like him, they need to get their guy and the ONLY sure fire way to do that is to get #2 overall from the Jets.

    if the Texans don’t like Wilson (or Fields possibly) the Jets become less likely as a trade partner.

    We need Caserio to fall in love with Wilson. 

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

    If you think the saints would trade Lattimore for a 5th rd pick you are high. They could let him walk as a free agent and they would probably get a 3rd rd comp pick. 

    If he gets traded it would be for a 1st rounder. Maybe a 2nd rounder.

    Saints are either going to trade him or cut him.  If they cut him, they lose the comp pick.  They are not letting him play out his contract.

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  3. I think the Texans will ultimately cave to whatever demand Bieniemy has and hire him just to appease Watson.  Will it be enough?  We'll see.  But he's still probably staying.  Texans can't actually hire him until KC's season is over.  But if they were gonna hire someone else you probably would've heard about it by now because time is of the essence to build a staff.

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  4. A lower cap works to the Jets advantage.  Other teams will have to cut veterans they don't want to cut, and the market for veterans will be wide open with few buyers.  Jets can be one of the those buyers.  They can get good veteran leadership for cheap.

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  5. 38 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    You have your Chad Pennington doll and jerk off to it I suppose?  10 years no playoffs, arguably the top 3 worst teams in the league. Woody LOVES blind fans.   Give me your address, Ill send you $10 for  football cards.

    I’m fake quoted btw, if you see page 1

    You are delusional if you think Watson shouldn’t be here because “it’s the Jets and something will go wrong”

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  6. Just now, NYJ1 said:

    It's so psychotic nuts to think we're going to spend the asking price for Watson. Just because a NY periodical is promoting such a move, does NOT mean it's sane or logical ? That said, I'd love to have Watson if his asking price were a 2nd, preferably 3rd round draft choice. Anything more than that and I'm perfectly happy to go to into camp with Sammy and another young buck QB JD drafted fighting it out in a QB competition.

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    Wait, so you don't think Watson is even worth a 1st??????

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  7. Just now, southparkcpa said:

    He hit like simply to drive up any pricing.....   we are as dysfunctional as Houston, more actually.  Browns, Bucs, Bills, Redskins, Dolphins and yes, I could go on etc.. teams that 5 years ago we laughed at have passed us no problem.  Up and don their rosters are better. Why??  The Johnsons.

    His agent will make sure he signs a BIG contract because chances are , he'll die on the vine here too. 


    What a loser mentality you have

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