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  1. It took far too long, but we finally have a good GM + HC combo in place I think. Obviously we won't know until Saleh actually coaches games and Joe D has had another couple of drafts to prove his merit. But I feel much better about Douglas and Saleh than any HC+GM combo we've had since the Parcells days. Hopefully the Johnsons fix the formal reporting structure, too.
  2. Sul-uh I guess is the right way to say it. Most people will say Sal-uh.
  3. That’s the look they won Super Bowl 3 in too
  4. It’s worth noting that Jeremy Bates learned under the Shanahan Broncos and therefore the verbiage may be the same as Year 1 for Sam.
  5. Richard Sherman? Don’t mind if I do. He’d be a cultural asset to the secondary.
  6. Yes! This is the culture change we needed.
  7. Let's just clear this up: Urban Meyer never recruited or coached Justin Fields. He has no personal connection to him.
  8. I think Joe D. and Christopher Johnson took the players advice to heart and are prioritizing culture change above all else with this search. Saleh seems like the best culture change guy. He presents himself very well, will connect with both sides of the ball, and will demand accountability in this organization. He also seems very pragmatic. Figuring out the QB conundrum will be tricky, I don't know if Sam can be repaired but the Shanahan system would make sense, as would Mike Kafka.
  9. FWIW Saleh played an offensive position (TE) in college and excelled at it. I don’t pigeonhole him as a defensive lifer like Rex.
  10. see my post right above yours. It's more of a death by multiple cuts thing. No single thing in his past looks egregious, but the sum of all of it might be enough to scare a team away in this day and age, especially the assault charge on a woman.
  11. https://www.sportscasting.com/chiefs-oc-eric-bieniemys-troubling-rap-sheet-includes-a-disturbing-assault-charge-against-a-woman/ None of this is to say he's not deserving of a chance, but they will be an impediment to him getting hired.
  12. I think some off field incidents in Bienemy's past are making owners hesitant in this me-too world we live in where everything is under the microscope.
  13. I posted this back on page 8. This is the trade that makes sense. It's gonna take 3 1's for both sides to feel good about it, plus a little more. Luckily, the Jets have that kind of capital after the Jamal trade and they can still keep a 2022 1st.
  14. If Woody was running things, Harbaugh would be our coach. But Douglas was never serious about it.
  15. #2 overall + the 2021 Seattle 1st + either the Jets or Seattle 2022 1st + a 3rd (which hopefully we get back when trading Sam). 3 1sts plus a 3rd rounder may be enough, especially if it includes #2 overall. It would allow Caserio to draft a QB at 2 and also have 2 more 1's to rebuild the roster and make it his. Maybe the Jets take a veteran contract off their books too if they feel there is good football left in them. Jets would still have their 1 next year and would basically just have given up Jamal plus #2 overall for Watson. Everyone's a winner. It would all hinge on whether Caserio believes Wilson or Fields can be the guy.
  16. #2 overall is worth a lot more than what other teams can offer.
  17. I was 10 rows back from the goal line and a heartbroken 9 year old. If I can forgive Glenn, you can too.
  18. That's all well and good, but if Watson demands that he wants out of town, that will change quickly and the Texans would probably prefer the #2 overall pick over what other teams have to offer.
  19. I'd trade the #2 overall, Sam, and might consider another pick
  20. Nice gesture, he's a fan favorite Jet alumni. Maybe he'll be a HC someday.
  21. We need Joe Thuney or some bigtime veteran and either the late 1st/early 2nd pick to bolster this OL.
  22. Kid grew up a Pats fan? Yeah, not our guy. Draft Fields. Sounds like Wilson might pull an Eli if he gets drafted by the Jets anyway. Supposedly his family is well off and a pain to deal with. Pass.
  23. How pathetic is it that afternoon drive doesn't do these big interviews anymore? The presence of Craig Carton is singlehandedly ruining the biggest sports radio show in NY.
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