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  1. 2 hours ago, NamathToCaster said:

    Do you think Darnold is going to be able to handle a third new system?

    It’s worth noting that Jeremy Bates learned under the Shanahan Broncos and therefore the verbiage may be the same as Year 1 for Sam. 

  2. I think Joe D. and Christopher Johnson took the players advice to heart and are prioritizing culture change above all else with this search.

    Saleh seems like the best culture change guy.  He presents himself very well, will connect with both sides of the ball, and will demand accountability in this organization.  He also seems very pragmatic.

    Figuring out the QB conundrum will be tricky,  I don't know if Sam can be repaired but the Shanahan system would make sense, as would Mike Kafka.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    What ARE those "events in his past", because all I could find is a few DUI's early on, a few fights/assaults early on (both like when he was a kid it seems), and a vague "rapes happened during his time as a Coach in college" with nothing tying them to him in any way, just to the program.

    Is there more they're not reporting on?

    see my post right above yours.  It's more of a death by multiple cuts thing.  No single thing in his past looks egregious, but the sum of all of it might be enough to scare a team away in this day and age, especially the assault charge on a woman.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

    such as?



    Lost in all of his success with the Kansas City Chiefs is that Eric Bieniemy generated quite a rap sheet for bad decisions.

    • According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Colorado police arrested Bieniemy and teammate Kanvavis McGhee following a February 1998 bar fight. Bieniemy was charged with disorderly conduct and fighting in public, but he pleaded no contest. He and McGhee each received deferred sentences and performed court-mandated community service.
    • According to the Orlando Sentinel, Bienemy pleaded no contest after allegedly shoving a firefighter on July 4, 1990. Colorado suspended Bieniemy for one game in the upcoming season.
    • Colorado police once again arrested Bieniemy, then in the NFL, in September 1993. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Bieniemy allegedly grabbed a female parking attendant by the neck and threatened her.

      The University of Colorado Boulder banned Bieniemy from its campus for one year as a result.

      “She stated that the male who grabbed her said something about ‘a bunch of Black males all at once being her worst nightmare,” the attendant told police, according to the arrest report.
    • According to the Daily Bruin, Colorado police arrested Bieniemy on a DUI charge in April 2001, three months after he joined the football staff as a running backs coach. He previously had his driver’s license suspended after numerous violations. 
    • Bieniemy was also linked to allegations that Colorado’s football program “used alcohol and sex to lure recruits.” ESPN reported in 2004 that the university discovered there was evidence of drugs and alcohol being used to “entice recruits,” but no university officials were guilty of misconduct.

      Bieniemy left Colorado after the 2002 season to take the same position at UCLA.

    None of this is to say he's not deserving of a chance, but they will be an impediment to him getting hired.

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  5. 3 hours ago, GreenFish said:

    We’re starting to see some sites put up trade proposals.

    PFF: 2nd pick, Seattle 1st, Jets 1st 2022 and Darnold. This is actually really close to what I would give up. I’d prefer keeping our 2022 pick and giving up Seattle’s though. We’d likely pick below them.


    I posted this back on page 8.  This is the trade that makes sense.  It's gonna take 3 1's for both sides to feel good about it, plus a little more.  Luckily, the Jets have that kind of capital after the Jamal trade and they can still keep a 2022 1st.

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  6. 1 hour ago, football guy said:

    Looks like Harbaugh heading back to Michigan. 5-year deal, $4 million per year, minimal buy-out and high incentives allowing him to test the NFL waters next year. 

    Jets had him on their initial list, but as I was told a few days ago didn't sound like he was going to have an official interview. 

    If Woody was running things, Harbaugh would be our coach.  But Douglas was never serious about it.

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  7. #2 overall + the 2021 Seattle 1st + either the Jets or Seattle 2022 1st + a 3rd (which hopefully we get back when trading Sam).

    3 1sts plus a 3rd rounder may be enough, especially if it includes #2 overall.  It would allow Caserio to draft a QB at 2 and also have 2 more 1's to rebuild the roster and make it his.  Maybe the Jets take a veteran contract off their books too if they feel there is good football left in them.

    Jets would still have their 1 next year and would basically just have given up Jamal plus #2 overall for Watson.  Everyone's a winner.  It would all hinge on whether Caserio believes Wilson or Fields can be the guy.

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