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    Football,working out,fishing
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    1.Play off win against the pats A bunch of small things like Bobby Houston's hit on Don Beebe that was great
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    no maybe next year thinking about it
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    fake spike
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  1. I’m happy for a Jimmy. The guy has a hell of eye for talent. Never understood Jerry going into HOF
  2. Cousins & Barr interviews on how they avoided coming to the Jets. Must see TV ...no thanks
  3. Next up Anderson remember Tony Martin too
  4. Jackrabbit having a big role already ..that didn’t take long
  5. Keep that up Josh Allen won’t last the game. They trying to getting this kid hurt.
  6. Anyone else see that Philly O-Line ?
  7. and yet sadly.. Might be the greatest Jet ever.. That one season was off the charts

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