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    1.Play off win against the pats A bunch of small things like Bobby Houston's hit on Don Beebe that was great
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    fake spike
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  1. Joel was always my favorite draft guy and the format of his PFW Draft Guide was the best by far. I spoke to him once on the phone (never seeing what he looked like) I remember being puzzled by his voice. Belichick and Parcells thought highly of Joel. You guys ever see some of the prices of those older guides on Ebay . .I wish I kept mine
  2. Can't wait to see Mark Davis's and John Gruden's hairstylist
  3. What that kid's major malfunction? CTE ? Holy F***
  4. Mark Dominic is the ex-bucs GM who straight up hates the Jets probably because he got taken on the Revis trade
  5. Did Christopher Johnson like the way Fitterer held his fork maybe it was the napkin on his lap... I mean wtf just hire Douglas already
  6. Not saying he did ? but I find it funny that CJ found cornerstone pieces already... maybe luck maybe not maybe he’s more hands off
  7. and worked with Ozzie Newsome for decade and has a lot friends and connections in the league which is huge.
  8. Let's see Woody Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan, John Idzik, no franchise quaterback , over paying for Revis again, Almost costing the Jets draft picks for tampering and on and on ....But does spend money. Means well I'm sure Christopher Johnson (plays the fool to the media ) but IMO has made solid moves so far Adams , Darnold , Mosley , Bell Gase & Williams and maybe Joe Douglas , maybe Quinnen Lets wait and see how this plays out
  9. Go give these guys a sh!tty review on there podcast if you want revenge. That's how the podcast game works.
  10. On the bright side Trumaine knows William's Defense. It gives other guys more reps maybe there a diamond in the rough scenario
  11. What a great thread ! and great list of players over the years I'm going to throw Brad Baxter in there. He did all the dirty work played hard on some awful teams. Then his body broke down just before Parcells got there.. Shame really Also loved Chris Ivory's running style

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