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    1.Play off win against the pats A bunch of small things like Bobby Houston's hit on Don Beebe that was great
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    fake spike
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  1. LinemanCT

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Browns can implode also There's a lot of egos on that team. I don't hate the Browns (only when they play the Jets). But will be a interesting case study if they can handle success.
  2. LinemanCT

    Reggie Cobb

    Former Jet for 1 year ..i think ..Damn young
  3. LinemanCT

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    You know what fixes everything ...Winning
  4. LinemanCT

    Bosa scares me

    I'd be more worried about him holding out like Revis. I can definitely see him doing that! He always saying its his family business. As far as him liking Trump ...grow up Really. As long has he kills the quarterback.. and you know if he crushed Brady you all would be cheering disparate is political beliefs.
  5. LinemanCT

    Trade Jets-Giants-Seahawks ?

    Sounds like Draft Day the movie. Hard is it to find a Hall of Fame quality QB? Wilson is going no where Seattle not that stupid.
  6. LinemanCT


    attention seeking millennials Click Bait.. you get what you wanted?
  7. LinemanCT

    Is Bosa the right fit for us at 3?

    That's because we played Herm's Tampa 2 defense I think Abraham was in the 3-4 one year with Al Groh
  8. Good point but I don't agree with the Jets wanting a second round pick. Why would they put Robbie on the uniform catwalk like he's a cornerstone player ? I also think that's why the Jets aren't spending much more money. I mean what's the deadline for this guys the 17th ..they will need to be able to match an offer
  9. LinemanCT

    ASJ to the Pats

    Maybe ASJ can car pool with Josh Gordon
  10. There's a Darron Lee jersey ....sounds like a solid investment (in two months at TJ Maxx)
  11. New York Jets pressers are like real life SNL skits ..from Belichick to Herm and Crazy eyes and now this....WTF
  12. I like the Black & White Uni's. the green is (ok) but the Helmets are so bad! They remind of candy apple green corvettes of the 70's . They should have stayed with the white helmets
  13. Jesus H Christ this is embarrassing!

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