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    Football,working out,fishing
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    1.Play off win against the pats A bunch of small things like Bobby Houston's hit on Don Beebe that was great
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    no maybe next year thinking about it
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    fake spike
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. I’m happy for a Jimmy. The guy has a hell of eye for talent. Never understood Jerry going into HOF
  2. Cousins & Barr interviews on how they avoided coming to the Jets. Must see TV ...no thanks
  3. Next up Anderson remember Tony Martin too
  4. Jackrabbit having a big role already ..that didn’t take long
  5. Keep that up Josh Allen won’t last the game. They trying to getting this kid hurt.
  6. Anyone else see that Philly O-Line ?
  7. and yet sadly.. Might be the greatest Jet ever.. That one season was off the charts
  8. Joel was always my favorite draft guy and the format of his PFW Draft Guide was the best by far. I spoke to him once on the phone (never seeing what he looked like) I remember being puzzled by his voice. Belichick and Parcells thought highly of Joel. You guys ever see some of the prices of those older guides on Ebay . .I wish I kept mine
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