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  1. Joel was always my favorite draft guy and the format of his PFW Draft Guide was the best by far. I spoke to him once on the phone (never seeing what he looked like) I remember being puzzled by his voice. Belichick and Parcells thought highly of Joel. You guys ever see some of the prices of those older guides on Ebay . .I wish I kept mine   

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    If it annoys you, I will surely keep it going.

    John Idzik:  Hired by Korn Ferry.

    Mike Maccagnan:  Hired by Charlie Casserly

    Joe Douglas:  Super Bowl winning VP of Player Personnel hired because of a relationship with our HC. 

    Definitely the same caliber of hire as the previous 2 guys.  Definitely. 

    and worked with Ozzie Newsome for decade and has a lot friends and connections in the league which is huge.  

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  3. Let's see 


     Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan, John Idzik, no franchise quaterback , over paying for Revis again, Almost costing the Jets draft picks for tampering and  on and on ....But does spend money. Means well I'm sure 

    Christopher Johnson (plays the fool to the media )

    but IMO has made solid moves so far  

    Adams , Darnold , Mosley , Bell  Gase & Williams and maybe Joe Douglas , maybe Quinnen 

    Lets wait and see how this plays out 


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