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  1. Go give these guys a sh!tty review on there podcast if you want revenge. That's how the podcast game works.
  2. On the bright side Trumaine knows William's Defense. It gives other guys more reps maybe there a diamond in the rough scenario
  3. What a great thread ! and great list of players over the years I'm going to throw Brad Baxter in there. He did all the dirty work played hard on some awful teams. Then his body broke down just before Parcells got there.. Shame really Also loved Chris Ivory's running style
  4. 2016 Drafted Wide outs Corey Coleman Will Fuller (ok) Josh Doctson Laquon Treadwell Sterling Shepard (Good) Michael Thomas N.O (A+) Tyler Boyd (ok) Braxton Miller Leonte Carroo Chris Moore Malcolm Mitchell Ricardo Louis Pharoh Cooper Demarcus Robinson Tajae Sharpe Jordan Payton Trevor Davis Tyreek Hill (A+) on the field Rashard Higgins Moritz Böhringer Keenan Reynolds Jakeem Grant Kolby Listenbee Cody Core Mike Thomas L.A.R Aaron Burbridge Devin Lucien Demarcus Ayers Daniel Braverman Devin Fuller Charone Peake Kenn
  5. Delete him from your Twitter etc. Your playing into his game. Your doing exactly what he wants. Your being played.
  6. Honestly I think a lot of this Drama is created by some of the beat writer pushing agenda. I'm kind of digging the Gase I don't give a F*** what they think. But I've been wrong before I'm a Jets fan (50 years of beer goggles)
  7. Pat Kirwan on the first segment Movin the Chains today 5/21 3:20 pm. Is saying Douglas to the Jets looks like a done deal and that he's calling getting his staff together. He said there might be more fired front office people that explains the scout getting let go. (Hope so ! on the Douglas) I say one thing about Gase he doesn't f*** around. I'm a fan of getting real football people in that building
  8. Charley Casserly is available. Everything you heard is that this guy is rock solid. Joe Douglas that is . Another thing that has come on was that Mike Maccagnan was on the verge of being fired scout by the Texans. I think Maccagnan did some good things but when you look at the draft record and that he's bread and butter. He failed plain and simple. Johnson's better get it right or they wasted Darnold
  9. Don’t try walking in here all smooth with Reason ! This is no place for logic. BTW Welcome
  10. I prefer Robert England ..I think him a Gase would kill it
  11. My biggest problem with the Johnson brother is they need real football guys running this team ... Now more that ever
  12. That's true but it doesn't mean he was good at it. Plus he due over 9 million in 2019 He's not worth that. I'd wait someone else might get cut.
  13. Pass Nelson Agholor is a slot receiver only
  14. I don’t understand it either? They spend all the money and effort scouting trading up for a quarterback Then they do the same for a elite running back . Only to draft an project OT and almost make no effort to fix the line .. KO is been injury prone. Maybe they can’t scout Offensive line .. I’m serious
  15. also sounds like the Jack rabbit getting released soon also I think he'd make something 10 million this year . He also knows Williams defense
  16. C'mon they played plenty of sports video games
  17. Yea let’s draft a corner that doesn’t tackle and is super soft .. but what the hell he’s got a cool name. Top 10 cover talent but drops into 2nd round . Why ?
  18. D-Rob / Doug Jolley both pretty bad I don't get the Sanchez one ...He did beat the Pats in the playoffs and 2 back to back Championships games. I understand he didn't work out but C'mon
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