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  1. I'd be more worried about him holding out like Revis. I can definitely see him doing that! He always saying its his family business. As far as him liking Trump ...grow up Really. As long has he kills the quarterback.. and you know if he crushed Brady you all would be cheering disparate is political beliefs.      

  2. 1 hour ago, peekskill68 said:


    Is a comparison to John Abraham reasonable?  The reason I ask is I don't really ever recall Abraham in space trying to defend anyone.  He was almost always in a down stance moving forward...

    That's because we played Herm's Tampa 2 defense I think Abraham was in the 3-4 one year with Al Groh  

  3. 5 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Anderson is a rare talent as a vertical receiver, but I get the feeling the Jets would love it if some team swooped in and gave them a second rounder for his services. I’d imagine the Chiefs would have some interest with Tyreek Hill’s upcoming suspension. 

    Good point  but I don't agree with the Jets wanting a second round pick.  Why would they put Robbie on the uniform catwalk like he's a cornerstone player ? I also think that's why the Jets aren't spending much more money. I mean what's the deadline for this guys the 17th ..they will need to be able to match an offer 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Thai Jet said:

    I'd rather see us pick up TJ Yeldon formerly with the Jags. A quick, change of pace RB who was underutilized in Jax. No giving up anything for him like with Duke Johnson.

    Darron Lee for Duke Johnson..Straight up! Browns are 4/3 he fits and he's from Ohio 

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    So get a guy that does what Leveon Bell already does to give him a rest?

    Yeah why not ? or have Duke in the backfield with Bell as a wideout as match up with LB. Vice versa . Don't want to burn the guy out 8 games in. Plus it's a duel threat running /passing 

  6. I thought this was a strange hire for a RB coach at the time. I mean Detroit wasn't very good at running the football when he was the OC. Looking at now it's going to be interesting to see how he using Le'veon with the passing game. Listening to Richard Mann one of the WR coaches he had in Pittsburgh. Mann claimed that Bell was the second best receiver on the Steelers next to A.B (as a wideout). One unrated move the Jets could do is get Duke Johnson to go with Bell. 

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