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  1. Antonio Callaway for Darron Lee straight up ...get it done
  2. BTW we still don't have a pass rusher
  3. Good ..wonder what the numbers are ?
  4. Giants are stupid ...all that dead money ? Why keep Eli ?
  5. It's like a bad joke ..for Giants Fans lol
  6. F***ing Bills have been beefing up there line the last 2 days ..What the hell are we doing ?
  7. I read there forums from time to time. They might be the most condescending arrogant fan base for a team that hasn't won sh!t . I can see why they get under Packers and Bears fans skin.. that's my 2 cents This Barr move might work out for the better. Just like Cousins and Hightower did.
  8. Yes it was IMHO ..but there was a report on Pro Football Rumors I tried to post the link but the topic was locked. My point is there some really good Center prospects in this years draft. I believe he been using the Jets for leverage.. just saying
  9. He's headed back to Denver..Mac will sign someone like Stefen Wisniewski and trade down and draft a center ..This draft has a lot of good center prospects. We need to get younger on the OL. always.
  10. Matthew Slater type ..Probably gift for Boyer for hanging around
  11. I'm a fan of this move ..Slot and Special Teams
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