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  1. Personally I would look into Fowler and bring back Sheldon or Grady Jackson. One thing the playoffs showed, it still won by old school football.  Defensive pressure up the middle and strong running game. Good OL and running backs I mean freaking Pats bought back the fullback.  We are going to need 2 DL and still draft one. Otherwise is going to be a long year for Darron Lee also. 

  2. 1. The Miami Dolphins draft Tom Cruise with the 8th pick. Because Tanny thinks he'll sell a lot of jerseys instead of an actual football player. 

    2. Vernon Gholston announces the New York Jets 20th pick. Its another Alabama player. Dee Milliner hurts his voice screaming and has to go on IR for the year.

    3. Roger Goodell chokes to death in laughter. When he announces with the 30th pick in the 2016 draft the New England Patriots are not on the clock.

  3. I hunt and fish. I mostly deer hunt both bow and gun but I like bird hunting. I mostly saltwater fish in the sound. I do a couple big tuna trips off Montauk annually. I hunt and fish for food not for sport if I got to choose my last meal it would be Elk or back straps on deer. with all the fishing I've done (and its a lot ). I never went fly fishing but I bought a combo rod and reel last month and going to try it this year. CT guns laws suck big time they do nothing for the crime rate the one good thing in CT is the hunting laws 

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