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    Seriously, a 1st and a 4th for Mo?


    What team out there would give that up for a 5 sack guy who is looking for JJ Watt money?


    Al Davis has been dead for a while now.



    I agree he shouldn't get JJ Watt money but 5 sacks? He 1/2 sack behind Chandler Jones and is a better player than Jones. He's better at stopping the run and he's not a drama queen like Jones. 

  2. Hackenberg is not worth a 4th rounder with Petty being groomed.

    I dont know if hes worth a 4th for anyone, he is awful.

    Jets need to draft 1 to 2 quarterbacks every year until we find the right guy No one knows anything about Pretty. Hackenberg can be the wrong fit for that offense who knows 

    QB,LB,RB,WR,OL are a must for the next couple years

  3. Do you actually think Rex will get fired after 1 year? If they lose to Washington this week that frying pan is going to get white Hot. And to think the players were throwing him under the bus when they were winning.

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