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  1. lol sorry I work with a fritz ...Fitz...Lot of usually Jet bashers on SiriusXm radio like Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon are surprising high on the Jets especially Rich Gannon he's whole break down of the team today was awesome. 

  2. Leonard Williams is hands down the best player in the draft. He is Reggie White. He can play anything and dominate. Watch the bowl game. When he could have shut it down, he dominated Nebraska. He will be a perennial Pro Bowler-no and's,if or but. If I am Lovie Smith,I'm not taking a chance on a quarterback. I'm taking the sure thing

    .....Nolan Nawrocki 

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  3. Idzik was a "breath of fresh air" because he wanted to build "sustainable success"...every new HC/GM we bring in is the same "breath of fresh air" until they aren't.

     2 Major differences 1. Macc wouldn't have taken the job with Rex still here 2. Idzik wasn't a scout or pro personnel guy 


    the next couple drafts are going to be interesting 

  4. Yea I actually read it and still have the hardcover He had a tough life as a kid homeless and sleeping in his mom's car surrounded by gang members in So Cal I respect the guy As a Jet he was jealous of Wayne (too much) and sadly wasn't the best receiver in his 96 draft and then we drafted another WR Van Dyke in the 2nd round and a total bust. I wanted Tony Brackens lol


    Al Groh's comments of 46 flashlights was classic

  5. Wilkerson is gonna get paid, but it doesn't have to be by the Jets. If you wanted to send a message to your team, Wilkerson could be playing elsewhere for challenging the new regime. 

    I wouldn't do... that its business not personal and it's advice for he's agent 

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