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  1. They where so good that gave up the lead 1:33 to go after giving up points on 3 straights drives in the 4th. Maye made so many impact plays today. Who needs Jamal? With such a awesome defensive Performance today .
  2. pro football ref numbers aren’t updated with yesterday’s games. Cause I’m sure that 43.6 completion percentage by josh Allen and the fact baker now has more ints than TD. Are gonna change those qbr #s up a little bit .
  3. Lmaoo expectations are always unrealistic for some fans..
  4. Must be slow news day . More recycled takes Macc On a beach somewhere on his 4th cup coffee for the day. Enjoying his millions.
  5. I’m fine with it as long has the negotiations and start with Byron Jones first
  6. Just curious are you gonna find a new team after the jets don’t trade Jamal this offseason?

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