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  1. For the Apple guys https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mike-francesa-with-joe-douglas/id386002669?i=1000441327388
  2. For the Apple guys https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-michael-kay-show/id208643372?i=1000441158505
  3. He is not a bad player, bad blocker yes but He can make plays in the receiving game . In reality there probably saving his life . His concussion history is extensive. Plenty of teams could of used his services didn’t make a play at him in FA. Long shot to make this roster anyway . We just know Tomlinson is gonna make some how . We can’t shake that guy for nothing lol
  4. you gotta love it at .55 second mark where gase says “Jamal has called out every play” ..
  5. Lindsey and Chris Harris aren’t available . Lindsey still the packers starting center . And Chris Harris just signed a 1 year extension like a week ago ..
  6. Dowell Loggains easily the worst of all of them. But since he was Spence on king of queens he gets a pass from me Lol ..
  7. The media knows that only works for riling up the pessimistic jets fans . So they use words like dysfunctional, dumpster fire, Circus ect with us .. and “just business” with the Texans .
  8. wouldnt mind adding either Harrison or Trent . Trent would cost significantly more though rightfully so.
  9. Pretty the entire offseason last year . Before Todd Bowles Locked him to bench for the for 15 out 16 games.
  10. Jets fans at there finest . Bet none will come out and admit they where wrong though lol
  11. S – EDDIE JACKSON, CHICAGO BEARS& JAMAL ADAMS, NEW YORK JETS Second Team: Tracy Walker, Detroit Lions & Kenny Vaccaro, Tennessee Titans The two first-team spots at safety go to two of the best in the league last season. Jackson was an excellent playmaker on the back end, allowing a completion rate of just 35.7% on throws into his coverage while picking off three passes. Adams had similar success in coverage, allowing just 4-of-12 throws to be completed for 32 yards. Adams also saw some success as a pass-rusher, with five pressures on 13 pass-rushing snaps. For a safety who supposedly can’t cover. Jamal really shined in all the coverage numbers. Except Ints of course..
  12. Another thread going off topic . For more whining .
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