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  1. winters is playing like crap tho.
  2. We know he is great athlete for his size . if he can reach his ceiling . We can save $20 mill letting Fant go . But last year he started out strong and fizzled out after 3 games. So im in wait and see mode with him
  3. Nope i have never seen HC Coach more uncompetitive games then Gase. I litterally don't have one good thing to say about Gase. i just hope the jets learned from this find a real HC that knows how to lead a entire team.
  4. based on actual skill Vinny ,Chad , Sam , Mark based on success Vinny ,Mark ,Chad , Sam
  5. He is gonna do just fine replacing Big Ben or Phillip
  6. You might be right . But i cant pick one team on our schedule that we could beat.. Denver might be closet one.
  7. I need Denver to destroy us thursday night to put the final nail in Gase coffin

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