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  1. Sheesh this deal aint done yet.. still holding out hope he gets it done right before the first practice.
  2. 2 franchise tags and then moving on . Always Made the most sense when it comes to Maye.
  3. All i have to say is thank goodness its a deep TE draft class next year. Cause i do not share the same optimism for Herndon some jets fans have. i don't see him being anything more than he is which is athletic and inconsistent as hell..
  4. I mean if thats your only complaint . I would say he is doing just fine. he doesn’t have a major injury history. So lets how year 2 play out . Cause missing 3 games aint enough to label anyone soft.
  5. He played one season and was impactful. but go off
  6. kroft has only played a full season once in his entire career. I don't expect much. Decent #2 TE.
  7. Didn't hear his name at all during OTA or Mini Camp good or bad. But i did hear the jets are really high on him.
  8. No Surprise he works with the best Oline trainer in the business.. some jets fans are just miserable always looking to complain about something.
  9. This was done really well. I enjoyed it
  10. 6th best RT in the nfl last year according to PFF . I would say he is more than mild upgrade
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