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  1. Well the brittney Taylor girl dropped the civil suits cause she was about to lose the case on federal court which would killed any chance of her winning through the state. Guess she is hoping it picks up more traction on the state side . Should be interesting going forward but so far she is coming off a little shaky .
  2. He might be but im not paying 14 mill for guy who doesn’t show up on the stat sheet consistently . I’m sure we can find cheaper dirty work players..
  3. Amari Cooper and Calvin Ridley seem to be playing just fine . Not to mention the many other successful bama players in the league .
  4. Draft Jeudy and give Lincoln Riley a blank check . Sign me up .
  5. Sam going off script with Herndon like they do best would be the best that ever happen to this offense right now. Cause the playbook is trash
  6. I don’t even care no more. the entire FO deserves to be bashed. I’m not even sure this is a personnel thing more than coaching but both are bad right now. The lack of competitiveness from this offense from week 1 to now has been alarming .
  7. All these designs passes behind or at the line of scrimmage showed week 1 with Sam as well. I hope im wrong but these might really be this guys style of play and This is his playbook .
  8. None of the positions on offense are as bad as there playing there not even Being competitive at this point . Gase scheme is trash imo .

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