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  1. Scoop24

    RB Dexter Williams (Notre Dame)

    As Notre Dame fan there’s better options . Dexter Is okay but his isn’t anything special . IMO he isn’t a better back than josh Adams was . I would easily take singletery , montgomery and Henderson over him
  2. Probably not on Record .. but I’m sure off record things are happening all around the league .
  3. Well apparently it won’t be Bell
  4. Scoop24

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-top-10-interior-offensive-linemen-set-to-enter-free-agency-in-2019 plenty of guards who would be a upgrade over Long and Winters .
  5. Trey flowers avg about 7 sacks a year . If the jets sign him and he put up the same production with us. there will be jets fans saying he sucks cause he isn’t JJ Watt or Donald . Anyway I would be happy to get both players doubt it happens tho
  6. I would bet Sam would love to play with either guy tbh
  7. Scoop24

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    I would prefer Mitch Morse due to age and elite pass blocking ability . But wouldn’t mind Paradis a little old but arguably one of the best centers in the game .
  8. Oh no how are we gonna replace the 3 games he went over 50 yards rushing lol
  9. Lmaooo I remember dudes in this thread were telling me the saints where gonna re flip him for a 1st. Mac blew it .
  10. McCown and Webb? One in back in his player/ Coach Role l and the other in development ?
  11. Scoop24

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    The uproar over below average lineman is hilarious .
  12. Scoop24

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    If they would take a 3rd just one . I’d do it in a heartbeat ..
  13. Scoop24

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    He has never been a sack master . No one is unlocking danold/Watt . Because he isn’t and will never be that . If he is productive and disruptive up middle in the 3 technique role . Great you resign him and call it a day if not let him go collect your 3rd rd comp Pick .
  14. Scoop24

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    He wasn’t better than Harrison and quite frankly they have a whole offseason to fill the posistion. Way to early to panic especially about a guy who single handily destroy our offense in a few games
  15. Scoop24

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    How exactly did we get worse ? Spencer long was awful ..

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