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  1. After his first year . But we could easily bring up all of your comments from time he was drafted If you would like .
  2. Shocker you deflect to a joke. Probably for best when your predictions like he would never be a top 15 safety in nfl hasn’t aged well.
  3. The same Dudes been going hard for 3 years trying to make everyone believe Jamal is bad player.. 3 time all pro coming up
  4. All 3 of these players where all the back end of there career When they moved on. Seymour was the only that was still good but was on the decline. . Ty law was fat and slow and milloy was never the same
  5. He definitely did reset the safety market on his 2nd contract. But hey good teams don’t pay there stars right lol
  6. And yet they paid there all pro safety in McCourty 3 times effectively making him a pat for life.. I wonder why that is
  7. Agreed ain’t like it ain’t same people recycling the same takes over and over in Each post anyway .
  8. I think Ross will test better and baring injury will likely have a real productive year.
  9. I don’t believe Higgins would be drafted over Ross.
  10. I think Chase and Devonta Smith are way better prospects than Henry Ruggs and beyond .
  11. was there better WR in football than Ja’Marr Chase last year? Cause I didn’t see it I personally think this top Group is very strong

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