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  1. Chad forbes is idiot and always wrong first of all . And the jets need to just focus on trading for watson right now lol
  2. worrying about his size is comical. Dude will add weights and get stronger in nfl training programs. But in league where your barely able to breath on the QB. I have less concerns about his health.
  3. Geno smith also played with NFL caliber WRs. Wilson does not. In fact i would go as far to say BYU overall talent level is very similar to teams the played.
  4. Wilson is way more aggressive and not a interception machine. In fact thats what i like about all the top QBs in this class they aren’t interception machines. That translates
  5. His ball placement and accuracy is some of best i ever seen from a QB prospect.
  6. According to Ustadium they don't want Darnold either . Would prefer to draft a QB in the top 3.

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