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  1. This is completely inaccurate kyle creates turnovers with elite ball skills . Mac safety’s usually don’t.
  2. He didn’t dog anything his legs where shot. Between that injury and the years in rex man to man system. He was never the same athlete.
  3. Becton didn’t allow one sack when he was out there. What am i missing?
  4. Greatest jet of all time They seem to forgot how things played.
  5. Vick never came close to that kinda production again outside of two years with Andy Reid. But go off
  6. Maye Doesn’t want be here . Still bitter how fans treated him when Jamal was here and JD doesn't value Safety's wont pay him. Also Ashtyn Davis was always picked to replace Maye. this trade will happen eventually. Writing has been on the wall for a while..
  7. You follow football? Vick went to pro bowl twice under knapp. But tells us more about how he couldn't develop a prime vick?
  8. They were all studs and most of them had there best years with knapp . It is what it is tho where gonna disagree. But i find your post about Zach wilson needing to be coached up in fundamentals funny .. while brushing off impact Knapp could have on a young QB with his experience alone. His Track record wIth QBs speaks for itself.
  9. Vick literally had his best statistical season under knapp in 06 and went to playoffs with knapp in 04.. and this isnt his OC success. The man was one best QB coaches in the nfl.
  10. During his NFL career, Knapp coached quarterbacks to a combined 11 NFL Pro Bowls. He had five different 4,000-yard passers comprised of Steve Young (1998), Jeff Garcia (2000), Carson Palmer (2012), Peyton Manning (2013-14) and Matt Ryan (2018). yup real mediocre
  11. Giving knapp track record with Qbs and over 20 years of experience . I think losing him was a Huge loss . Said this when he died. Matt Cavanaugh was a definite downgrade just gotta have to let these young guys go through there growing pains.
  12. Mims and Davis should be on outside. Moore and Crowder sharing snaps in the slot till the eventual Crowder trade imo.
  13. The source is awful . Like he is wrong alot
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