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  1. Scoop24

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Cause josh Allen only has 1 pass rush move ?
  2. It’s funny your the only one claiming this . I’m remember Pryor and lessee giving up on routes leading to interceptions . Robby not so much but the lie has to fit the agenda . I guess it’s something new instead of the same one 1 trick pony stuff..
  3. Robby can’t catch .. We watching the same Robby ?
  4. Scoop24

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Sheesh that’s expensive price . But I guess it like 2 2nd considering that chiefs 1st is late
  5. Scoop24

    Ed Oliver vs. Quinnen Williams

    The draft is not gonna fix everything .
  6. lol I’m actually hoping we pick Ed.. him and Jamal together will have half the fan base pissed off cause they like to talk
  7. Scoop24

    Frank Clark

    I think we could count Texans, dolphins, niners , and browns out..
  8. At there best it’s Revis by a good margin. But he flamed out to fast wouldn’t surprise me if Peterson ends up with the better career numbers wise long term .
  9. Scoop24

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    But they need a QB and could be going up for one of them .
  10. Scoop24

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    Same .. if that’s offer obviously you trade down ..
  11. Scoop24

    Chad Reuter 7 Round Mock

    Mclaurin and hill are nothing alike besides being 4.3 40 guys. Mclaurin has good hands and can run routes, extremely smart finding openings in zone coverage, can also block well and also play specials .
  12. Scoop24

    Chad Reuter 7 Round Mock

    Now that draft haul would excite me . Sean Bunting is one my fav sleepers in the draft . I would take Jenkins over McGovern tho . Butler over terry would be nice too but I can live with terry he brings a lot of Versatility to the table .

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