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  1. yall do know Corey is still the X on this team which would still technically mean he is still #1 WR on the team.
  2. Slow as hell for the pros i know that
  3. U would think it was august they way some of yall are acting.
  4. “With Garrett Wilson, though, the Jets exchange that physicality for versatility. He’s much like Elijah Moore, who can play inside and out, and be just as dominant at both locations. Wilson allows LaFleur to open the playbook more and deploy him, Moore and Corey Davis in so many different ways. The Jets preferred London primarily outside in their scheme. He and Davis would have manned those positions, while Moore played the slot. Now, LaFleur can rotate Moore, Wilson and Braxton Berrios in the slot. Davis is the only player who will remain solely outside. This has the potential to add more creativity to the playbook to keep a defense on its toes. Next week is the first time to see the grouping work together.” from hughes article today.
  5. Also a little bonus of Quinnen looking explosive on there as well plus more.
  6. Im scared to post youtube content on here anymore. But its on there Official youtube page.
  7. those all hand catches he was making in the jets hype video from practice yesterday. is what makes me smile. he just plucks that ball out the air no body catching..
  8. im guessing we will do the eagles joint practice again too... I like these joint practices especially cause where a young team. but they do scare me a little in terms of injury..
  9. he looks fine. he looks like a tall guy doing the ladder drill. I believe that's Corey davis behind him was looking the same.
  10. Are yall expecting 6’3 Mims to look like 5’9 Moore in these kinda drills.
  11. He is gonna take his lumps . But he should be well battle tested after that list.
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