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  1. Barkley is the best player in the draft . I wouldn’t pass up on him for anything except a QB..
  2. That’s a false narrative he asked to be traded before the deadline. The Steelers held him hostage trying to force him to stay .
  3. Keep spitting. You guys over hype picks we don’t hit on . Our last 3 4th round picks aren’t as good as Bryant .
  4. I would trade a 4th for him . I don’t even think this kid has scratched the surface of his potential yet.
  5. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    Lol if we passed on Rosen I would be sick
  6. Cimini is drunk

    Jets need a Corner what would be issue . Secondary would be beastly if we could add young stud at CB.. to go along with the Young Safties . but it again this would only be okay if we landed QB like Cousins . Other than that I’m ready to pay the ransom to secure a QB in this draft
  7. Good move on jets part . Really don’t wanna go into offseason needing 2 starting CBS. But then again Skrine still terrible so we still need 2 CBS
  8. Mason Rudolph at 6? NJ.com

    That’s a No for me dog
  9. Cousins Comments On Bates

    How I need to jets to pull up at Kirk cousins house next month .. lol
  10. Any interest in Jarvis Landry?

    They should kids a stud . No matter how many jets fans wanna pretend he isn’t . Putting up good numbers with bortles isn’t no easy task. Dude wasnt rated the #31 player in top 100 by his peers last year for no reason The bortles effect lol
  11. Rumor Mill from Senior Bowl 1/24

    Sign me up . Kid shows up in big games .
  12. Rumor Mill from Senior Bowl 1/24

    Beside height and character questions . Baker checks out every where else . Can’t see me taking Allen at this point .
  13. Rumor Mill from Senior Bowl 1/24

    Accuracy is clearly something that jets can’t teach when it comes to Developing QBs. Allen makes me very nervous
  14. Might be easier to list what we don’t need . Safeties (Adams and Maye) and DE (Leo and Ealy) pretty much need help everywhere else no ?
  15. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Another stupid move on in his part . He won’t get cut tho . He is the best skill player on the team by a huge distance . Gonna be hard to give this kid a long term deal while he says all the right things he doesn’t seem to know how to stay out of trouble . He should start by leaving Florida alone for little while .