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  1. Lol Winters isn’t good enough to be this prone to injury .. he is sore ? So other guys going thru training camp aren’t sore ?
  2. Scoop24

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    Fights in a training camp.... shocking lol
  3. Scoop24

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    More Matt Ryan in my eyes .. he will always be only as good as his supporting cast is .
  4. Scoop24

    Just Name Darnold the Starter Now

    Lol Im still trying a figure out what team outside of the Bucs maybe even needs a QB .. They keep saying the jags but the invested real money in Bortles and traded for Kessler..
  5. Eh Teddy is auditioning and raising his value and Darnold needs reps.. will need another QB for week 4 tho.
  6. Scoop24

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    He has improved that throwing motion that’s not how it looked at USC.. gotta give Jordan Palmer credit for that .. his release is quick
  7. Who is the last young QB we had that actually went Through his progression like Sam is doing
  8. I like the speed Atkinson and cannon brings to the backfield
  9. Damn Darnold already got better pocket awareness than all these young QB we had come thru here since Pennington
  10. Cannon looks better in this scheme than powell