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  1. "Hey Petty looks good."

    He isn’t . Petty is already announced
  2. Lmaoo potential jump into the top 5 range after this game .. hopefully Petty next week
  3. Gotta make up your mind

    Pointless wins have cost us a number of QBs over the last few years .
  4. The game was over . What does he proved by humiliating a young player who made a mistake . I’m over it bro if u blame Bowles fine .
  5. Who to say he isn’t ? you aren’t behind the scenes . It just dumb to blame Bowles for that flag. like he told Pennel to Rough the passer
  6. Gotta make up your mind

    Being injured means you suck ?
  7. Player holds no accountability?
  8. Did he rough the passer ? Or pretty much drop 2 Tds ?
  9. Gotta make up your mind

    Don’t matter now season over . I’m officially back in tank mode
  10. Barringa trade Josh Allen is gonna be the guy watch lol.... just a gut feeling .
  11. Breer On Josh Allen

    So Darnold struggles with power house in USC and he is top 5 pick . Allen struggles with one of the worse team in nation . Undraftable.. i personally Don’t care about his performance against big school cause his team is beyond trash ., I do have concerns that he is extremely raw and gonna need some real coaching up to get the mental side to catch up to his great physical make up . He Could be Wentz or the next Lynch . Time will tell I guess
  12. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Yeah we kinda know this already . But he would help with the tank going forward lol
  13. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    McCown will likely start till the 7th or 8th loss I would be shocked Bowles the trigger now . He loves his old heads