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  1. That’s why I respect your post . May not always agree but I respect them.
  2. Atleast your honest enough to admit he is talented. I’m sure whatever team pays him is gonna protect themselves in the contract . In case he does get himself in real trouble .
  3. Lmaoo why police aren’t weighing him during a arrest . I’m pretty sure that measurement come from license
  4. kid hasn’t had 1 locker room issue since he has been here . His teammates clearly like him .. Now your trying to create some kinda he is diva narrative .
  5. You mean the front office that found him And developed him . That’s a intresting take .
  6. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    He sure as hell abused #1 corners on regular last year .
  7. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    No one thinks all 4 are having 1,000 yard season . The idea is to be able to rotate 4 players on the field that can be Reliable and make plays when called upon . All 4 of these guys have proven to be able do this . Jets might not have a Great WR or flashy big name guy. But they have solid group with depth .
  8. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    The fact u think Sammy Watkins is a number 1 is comical . He got 15 mill and everyone thought he got overpaid . Dude had 598 yard in 15 games yet you wanna trash your own in Robby who clearly out performed Sammy this year and last year
  9. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    Lmaooo good job in proving my point .. 😂😂😂 . you even know what true Elite #1 is ? Cooper just came off a sh*tty year that a elite #1? Sammy Watkins wasn’t even the #1 on the Rams, Ty Hilton great player but is slot receiver. Davante good #2 , Dameriyius Thomas is shell of himself really hasn’t been that productive since Peyton left . only person on this list that u ain’t list would Michael Thomas . Rest of the list full of 2 s and slots . And I’m hoping the last name on this list isn’t Dez Bryant cuz the guy can’t even run and struggling to get a job right now how would he be a #1 on most teams ?
  10. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    There is no confusion There’s isn’t 18-20 true #1 in NFL. There good receivers but there is limited amount of true elite #1s like those guys .
  11. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    I can’t take anything you say valid if you still calling him One trick pony . Go re watch the games Anderson ran plenty routes off the tree this year . It’s specifically what he worked on with Chad Johnson last offseason and he improved quite a bit a it .
  12. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    There only like 7- 10 true #1 receivers in this league Julio, OBJ, AB, Green , Hopkins ,Mike Evans these guy aren’t growing on trees .. Robby would start for quite a few teams in this league
  13. Unless Brady gets hurt or suddenly starts to play his age . Then nope .
  14. Still will never understand why we took Pryor over Ha ha
  15. Scoop24

    Can we talk receivers?

    The FB yes . Not the ticking time bomb as OP was referring too.