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  1. I didn’t start my post with IT. And what fake news did I post ? Did tannehill not miss half his games under Gase due to injury ?
  2. It sure as hell did when he rode on the back of jay Ajayi to the playoffs.
  3. Being that there’s good chance the top 3 OL could be off the board when we pick. I hope We take Lamb or Higgins and don’t go reaching .
  4. Tannehill played 24 out of 48 games under Gase. You guys love to post hot takes without context. im not even Gase supporter and didn’t want him hired and wish he was fired. but y’all literally blame him for everything it’s actually kinda funny .
  5. Those 3 games over 100 yards . Made him a monster?
  6. Agreed hoping he last till our 2nd pick in the 3rd or the 4th.
  7. Both these QB are as up and down as sam . Only really difference is they have great overall teams that can hide there warts.
  8. He didn’t look down the field . Allen was scared immediate retreat
  9. Yeah that makes sense. Except all the other all pros that are in playoffs .
  10. Back to back all pro .. lol I didn’t see any of the bills safety’s on up there
  11. I remember being so excited Dalvin Cook was sitting there in rd 2.. Maye has been alright tho I guess.
  12. I called this hate for Sam early in the year I said y’all will turn on him after few bad games. . Some Jets fans turn on there own so fast it’s hilarious. The grass is always greener in there minds. The teams 2 best players (Darnold and Adams) are 2 of the most hated players when it comes to some fans

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