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  1. I remember when yall made a thread like this about jamar chase.
  2. U got all that and his weight from 24 second clip of him stretching and standing up?
  3. was he suppose to have 6 pack or soemthing? It good to see you have gone from being doctor to being a scale.
  4. Ball skills.. Hall would of batted it down for sure.
  5. There all fat and lazy .
  6. Thats the problem your not him and dont know his life. So your opinion doesn’t really matter. comparing the birth of his child to a in the season situation is pointless. There was no reason to rush back there was no games to be played. He decided to stay close to his wife and train where he felt comfortable. He was transparent about it. Yet yall continue whine about everything. alot players are reporting to there teams for the first time this week. Where’s the outrage? only thing i need from becton is show up in august and perform to high level he is capable of.
  7. I had no idea JN had so many doctor’s.. btw this podcast has fallen off a cliff lately. The 2 new guys are boring af. Glen don’t even bring his ass to work consistently and wanna talk about becton lol..
  8. In the offseason and during VOLUNTARY workouts right? And he didn’t take off he was working with duke along with bunch of other Olineman fron around the league. Some of u dudes go way over top trying to tell players how they should live there lives.
  9. Didn’t expect him or anyone else to do much anyway. Saleh already said the tone of minicamp will be very similar to OTA’s.
  10. Lmaoo positive jets threads don’t do numbers on this board..
  11. 8 pages of whining over 8 throws. @T0mShane and his crew never fail.
  12. Small time writers have figured out how to get attention. Write a negative piece on the jets And the jets fans will blow it up .
  13. Early out looks like Mike White is 3rd on the depth chart..
  14. Old heads still thinking there making uniforms for them…
  15. WR Corey Davis replacement ..
  16. Kinda funny they dont think much of Fant at all. Jets fan wanna make him out to be a all pro.
  17. Twitter is real time news.. save your .50
  18. Wait injuries taking longer to heal than originally diagnosed. He must be fat and lazy
  19. I didn’t listen yet. But usually tom spin of Connor take is different than what Connor actually says.
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