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  1. Far from a myth Revis was painted as selfish during every contract holdout.
  2. Just remember this feeling when its time to pay him in 3 years. Kids a beast skys the limit for him.
  3. This team is full tank mode . Nothing there doing leads me to believe different. We passed on some many solid players that could of help . the roster is the worst in the league, the coach is the worse in the league.
  4. Your never gonna find the next great HC Hiring retreads imo . Especially a guy thats failed previously. If its highy successful guy im on board.
  5. Nope he comes with Trevor Lawrence tho ps the best QB prospect since john elway? u gotta calm down op
  6. A better bad head coach?.. ill say this Bowles teams where Atleast competitive .
  7. No more skinny wannabe tough guys. Get me a fat loud mouth. Players listen and run through walls for them . Parcellls, Rex, Andy to name a few
  8. Hell no let the tank continue. Fire his ass on week 17 At halftime
  9. 😂😂😂 Q is a fool . This team is gonna implode before seasons end.
  10. He is graduating in December.
  11. Let gase finish the tank. No reason to fire him now .
  12. He will get more freedom Next year replacing big ben in Pittsburgh.
  13. We might be the only team that doesn't have exciting standout players .
  14. Just be happy its only 14 more weeks to go . Till we move on from both
  15. Desir was washed since last year. I was hoping he would regain form from the year before. Now im not so confident. Jets just love these colts castoffs for no reason.
  16. Damn theres still apologists for this team. Those injuries aren’t gonna change the fact we don't have standout players. We will still have the worse roster in football.
  17. Beat writers working manish over for the Macc years where he was the the go to.
  18. It would but he already said he is graduating early and this will be his last year. There no Archie Manning’s in the Lawrence
  19. It was brilliant offensive mind quote that did it for me. Cleary Chris needs a mental evaluation

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