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  1. Not a fan Jefferson myself and Judan is a 1yr wonder who didn’t even have 10 sacks.. But it would be good deal
  2. those kids are all better prospects than Darnay imo .
  3. There where definitely changes made. Cause giving him bigger budget so he could pay his guys to join the scouting department was part of his deal to sign here.
  4. Honestly it depends on compensation. If it’s for like a 3rd I’m on board easy. We could talk about a 2nd cause it will still allow me to potentially Go after a Franchise OT but I’m definitely not doing a 1st rather just draft Jeudy.
  5. I’m not opposed To it I like Jeudy and lamb alot. But I think the tackle position drops off a lot more than the WR heading into rd 2.. I actually like a lot guys at WR in this class. Wouldn’t surprise if a couple of them become #1 caliber players. Now if the big 4 OTs are gone I’m 100% on board Jeudy or Lamb.
  6. If we lose Robby . Jets have to take 2 WR’s by the end of the 3rd rd.. really hope Denzel Mims or Peoples Jones are one of those guys.
  7. For the Apple users https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sam-darnold-ep-5-jets-usc-will-ferrell/id1494757451?i=1000465630065
  8. Wills won’t be there so Jeudy ..
  9. Can’t wait till that extension happens. Gonna be fun times around here ..
  10. they gotta pay Henry and tannehill . I absolutely could see Conklin hitting the market. Especially since they will likely have to use the tag on tannehill.
  11. We Also let Coles, Moss, Randy Thomas walk right out the door for nothing as well.
  12. Lol shocker jets fans don’t wanna pay a great player .
  13. I hope it’s true but Chad forbes is a idiot .
  14. Mike Wallace played for Philban he never played for Gase . So apparently program been toxic a lot longer than gases tenures
  15. I agree overall but I think Mo and Sheldon where pretty good players that fell off for whatever reason . Well Mo did Atleast especially once he got paid.
  16. He was only on our practice squad for a very short time . I don’t even remember who our RB where for 2016 besides Powell. Was it Forte?
  17. Yeah Those west coast trips are losses . Hate to say it we don’t ever play well going on the west coast ..
  18. That was point I was making . We traded him he didn’t leave us.
  19. If memory serves me right didn’t Patterson go AWOL in like mini camp or training camp?
  20. But that’s your point. He left which is why the fan base hates him right ? That was the choice HE made.
  21. He didn’t leave the jets . We traded him to bucs for pick that was used on Sheldon Richardson

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