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  1. 3rd rd pick for panthers in 2017 . Has 9 tackles and 1.5 sacks in 3 years ps he also coming off a torn acl lol
  2. He is gonna live off potential for many years because of the few splash plays he makes in games .
  3. Thing is if he can add a Robinson, Galladay, Juju, or Gallup. Then I wont mind if he take a defensive player early .
  4. I want OL ,2 WRs with the next 3 picks after TL preferably. I settle for 1 WR id Etienne or one of the TE fall to us.
  5. Last time they ran a quick slant. sam held on to ball and got himself hurt
  6. Jags play vikings and texans this year those games are gonna be helpful
  7. He is starting string good games together. Good for him
  8. Knock yourself out likely not paying him anyway.
  9. Washington ,dallas, eagles are all solid chances for the giants right now
  10. Cause he knows where not beating the chiefs next week . Might as well pencil it in now lol
  11. Everytime teams blitz the QB. He starts seeing ghost.

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