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  1. As deep as we are at edge. He was never gonna play.
  2. 3 OT's went before wirfs because they could play LT.. nobody thought of wirfs as LT.
  3. Lol brick didnt even love football when he played. He was just good at it.
  4. Kinda funny Saleh coming for fanbase heads. Like it wasn’t his comments that turn them against becton in the first place.
  5. They said he was limping before the injury. And he was having discomfort at the green and. White game.
  6. Im not sure how yall got anything from watching this.
  7. Damn that sucks. Was really hoping he was gonna put it all together this season. He is gonna have to drop alot weight.. to continue playing on those knees in the future which likely wont be as a jet. going forward im intrigued to see how Brown stuff play out cause he is a LT only and Fant is terrible at RT
  8. similar situation as Quinnen 2 years ago. he got arrested for having a Gun at the airport.
  9. Zuniga should make this team. Cant see how guy like Curry make it over him . He is having a solid camp
  10. that's a huge blow.. hopefully its not too serious
  11. No one asked for this negativity lol
  12. Lmaoo when i said this Some here got mad at me. Dude is the new David Clowney. Monster in shorts and shirts. Super JAG When the pads come on.
  13. If u think it was a 5 week injury thats on u doctor. The point here is to be cautious with all 3 players while getting them ready for week 1. Standard stuff . Saleh has made that clear.
  14. Fant and Lawson where on same pitch count. Notice a Theme there?
  15. How does being Cautious with him . change any of this?
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