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  1. He is talking about Wilson . Said if wilson was picked they would of likely drafted Jermaine at 10.
  2. Im not posting video opinion from myself. Just simply posting one of the more in depth interviews i heard from Saleh.
  3. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cant-wait-a-show-about-the-new-york-jets/id1477129387 This was a pretty good interview. Starts at 28min mark
  4. 10 game Might be bit rich where still extremely young and are banking on 4 rookies for the turn around.. But there not lying this team only goes as far as Zach takes them. There is not alot holes on this roster. I hope he takes the step.
  5. Hopefully there’s no Mono cases lol
  6. Atleast we wont be embarrassed national tv. Both teams see to be in same ball park.
  7. last time we played them Lamar single handily destroyed us and threw a td pass to 5 different receivers..and Bateman is probably better than Brown.... should be a fun test for this DLine gonna have to pressure him
  8. Probably the best secondary in football. Big test out the gate for Zach.
  9. Easily one of worst takes i seen on this board in a while.
  10. Look at Rankins pff grade this actually would be upgrade
  11. I didn’t know people actually listen to florio .. his peers don’t even respect him
  12. Highly doubt the jets are on SNF
  13. salah seems to like his pass rushing DT’s . We haven't gone after a run stopper yet.
  14. 2 days though sounds like they have more interest here. I always felt like kwon was like when Reuben Foster visited last year. More of a kick the tires kinda deal.
  15. don't remember Bush being reach at all. him and white where the clear cut 1st rd linebackers that year. but agree with the rest of your take.
  16. Carter is starting nickel .. don't even think that's a camp battle to be honest.
  17. Scoop24


    Thiis thread will be interesting in about 2 yrs.
  18. Assman gets good guest, Tyson and play like a jet shows on podcast is entertaining for different reasons. And the rest of the list is meh.. thing is dont really care to watch regular jets fans give there opinion. I get enough of that on here and jets twitter.. but the shows that have real guest where u can learns things like inside info or sourced info. Always catch my interest.
  19. Good move . Dj has been around a few years and hasnt produced anything at all..
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