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  1. Did he not play well when he was actually on the field ? Especially for a guy most including myself had written off.
  2. Quinnen Williams is a bust . So was Nathan Shepard after his rookie year . Or Atleast so I was told on here. Mean while it took a guy like Arik Armstead 4 years to finally breakout .
  3. Who is talking about his last 3 years we know he was washed up for the 2nd jets run and chiefs . Dude was good from his 2nd year up until 2014 when he help the pats win. Please spare me the rest of the BS. His year in Tampa he was fresh off his ACL injury. And they played a heavy amount of cover 2.
  4. They picked 4 1st rd Dlinemen and gave them time to develop and traded for a edge. all things jets fans are against especially giving time to develop.
  5. Football is the ultimate year to year sport .
  6. Lmaoo those kinda numbers made Tannehill a god around here for 2 weeks. Wonder where all his worshipers vanished too ?
  7. Wait a minute Mr.Mockdraftable mocking 40 times between this and defending Gase I don’t even know who you are any more lol
  8. So if the Top 3 tackles are gone and Jeudy and Lamb are gone . Who do you take?
  9. Doesn’t matter the hindsight scouts are never wrong .. That being said if Simmons is there you have to consider it he is complete freak of nature .. AJ isn’t a good fit here imo. He isn’t true Edge/speed olb type . And jets fans would lose it drafting essentially another Dlinemen. but tbh overall One of the Top 3 OT or Top 2 WR is all I want in rd 1. I’m all for taking a RB with one of 3rds or the 4th tho. Doubt Taylor falls to those picks but anything is possible .
  10. Dudes talking out there ass in this thread . Revis only good for 3 years Lmaoo . He didn’t make plays? like he didn’t lead the league in turnovers in his 9th year . Like he didn’t have the best season ever for corner in 09.. the way hate turns into lies is hilarious. These 2 been going at it for years really nothing to see here. There both great at what they do . Just different styles. if you want to hate him for making most money out of his career so be it. To pretend he was only good 3 years is a joke
  11. I didn’t start my post with IT. And what fake news did I post ? Did tannehill not miss half his games under Gase due to injury ?
  12. It sure as hell did when he rode on the back of jay Ajayi to the playoffs.
  13. Being that there’s good chance the top 3 OL could be off the board when we pick. I hope We take Lamb or Higgins and don’t go reaching .
  14. Tannehill played 24 out of 48 games under Gase. You guys love to post hot takes without context. im not even Gase supporter and didn’t want him hired and wish he was fired. but y’all literally blame him for everything it’s actually kinda funny .
  15. Those 3 games over 100 yards . Made him a monster?
  16. Agreed hoping he last till our 2nd pick in the 3rd or the 4th.
  17. Both these QB are as up and down as sam . Only really difference is they have great overall teams that can hide there warts.

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