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  1. he cannot open up the game it's a liability .. That deep ball attempt to smith is exactly what where talking bout ..
  2. the way the defense have played this game should of been over in the first half .. Offense didn't capitalize
  3. Hmm .. Exactly what I was afraid of a quick offensive drive
  4. Offense need to step up here and finish the game a quick 3 and out could make things interesting
  5. Lmaooo that ball died mid air .. Should of been a pass int
  6. Bowles has giving him the carries when he has played this year. Where doing a lot less comitee this year from what I see .
  7. I just need Ivory to stay healthy for a full season he could legitly have 1300+ yards rushing
  8. There we go drill shot on that nice 5 yard slant .. Just stay under 10 yards he will be fine
  9. I'm not saying your wrong . But there is no deep threat on that team . It's built around Gronk and Edelman . So scheme fits them . But when Brady has a deep threat he will light it up . He has proven this in my mind .. He slings that ball anywhere it needs to be short, mid, long with no problems ..
  10. and here's how I got it this morning when I read it . So I just assume Manish wrote it
  11. im gonna stand by when Tom Brady has a deep threat .. He can make the throws ..
  12. He underthrew Devin smith twice .. Your gonna blame that on decker being out ?
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