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  1. If he could stop fumbling he is a pretty good RB
  2. they Fitzpatrick becomes Tom Brady or Peyton Manning (prime) or Aaron Rodgers let me know ?? Those guys don't have problems throwing deep balls
  3. Every week I sit back and watch as many games as I can. .. And right now your fooling yourself right now if you don't think Bridgewater has been struggling early out ..
  4. this is a Manish special .. By next week he will have the anonymous sources ready to go lol
  5. they both have been productive backs in nfl .. We once had Powell leading the league in rushing . Stacey had a 800 yard season in his rookie year . No one said there world beaters but there more than solid enough to play and produce in spot duty . But then again as much as ivory gets hurt I don't think he is world beater either .
  6. Might as well throw out the records . Division games are always tough. I expect a close one here
  7. Should of won that Green Bay game last year ..
  8. that bad Rb play wouldn't have nothing to do with Teams stacking the box because they have no fear of being beat deep would it ?
  9. when Brady has a deep threat he goes deep a lot especially during the Randy Moss years .. He also hits Gronk on plenty of passes 15+ yards down the field. The difference Brady doesn't have too throw jump balls 15 yards down the field .. Cause he got a Arm to put it on a rope so he can put it on Reciever in stride with no problems that far down the field .
  10. Not according to to NFL Head coaches Former Ravens coach Brian Billick, now an analyst for NFL Network, said demonstrating an ability to throw deep is important for the Jets. “You have to be able to take the top off the defense,” Billick said in a phone interview. “It’s not enough (just to throw it deep). At some point you have to connect deep.”
  11. yes that great bridgewater 1 td 2int is what where missing omg
  12. you can't have less 30% completion rate after 15+ yards and claim to be accurate
  13. We had a very good defense last year ? Why did we spend all that money on defense in the offseason then?
  14. dude has the highest grade on PFF for a 3-4 DE from what I hear .. So he must be doing something right before week 3 but I'm guessing 11 tackles isn't going too lower that number .. Per PFF, Mo Wilkerson has been the highest graded 3-4 DE through 2 weeks with a grade of +10.5. #NYJ
  15. lol most of those recievers aren't in the league .. nelson , Clyde gates ,tj graham, Greg salas, salim hakeem all on there couch right now and the wonderful Jeremy Kerley who is losing reps to Enuwa or Ouwsu
  16. you might be right Hopkins did have 200 yard vs the Titans not sure who the QB was. Could very well had been Fitz Did Harvin not fall down on those deep balls ?
  17. I don't need any Fitz play with the best receiving core we had since 2010 is all I need to prove my point . And my point still remains who was the deep threats on last years team ?
  18. decker was hurt a lot last season. But when he played him and Geno had very good chemistry .. Plenty of 15+ yard passes in that last game vs the Dolphins.. Harvin is one of the worst deep threats in the league . Even with his great speed he doesn't play Deep balls well hell that game Geno had 3 ints back to back it was forced deep balls to Harvin to watch him fall down . Hence why he is never used strictly as Reciever .. You think any WR is catching 200 yards in game playing with Fitz? He gonna need 20 catches that day just to come close .
  19. who was the deep threats he was throwing too last year ??
  20. that's amazing considering I hear Geno puts in a ton of work off field. Never once heard his work ethic questioned.. But hey if it fits your agenda
  21. Punch happened over 7 weeks ago and some jets fans can't get over it .. Still trying to talk about it like they where in the room and know what exactly happened.. It's football fights happen for all sorts of reasons get over it . It wasn't the first and won't be the last . It has nothing to do with Fitz not being able to throw a 15 yard pass without it being a 50/50 jump situation ..
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