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  1. Punch happened over 7 weeks ago and some jets fans can't get over it .. Still trying to talk about it like they where in the room and know what exactly happened.. It's football fights happen for all sorts of reasons get over it . It wasn't the first and won't be the last . It has nothing to do with Fitz not being able to throw a 15 yard pass without it being a 50/50 jump situation ..
  2. Tied for 2nd in Ints after 3 weeks as a 10 yr veteran but he is playing fine ..
  3. I'm sure he is just thrilled that he can't run any routes past 10 yards without them sailing . Remember when he told Geno " I'm gonna teach you how to light it up" I don't think these 4 yard passes is what he had in mind.
  4. Friendly stats reminder 58 attemptes less than 300 yard passing .. Below 30% on passes over 15 yards or more ..
  5. I'm just gonna leave this right here Ryan Fitzpatrick threw interceptable passes at a significantly higher rate than Geno Smith last year http://t.co/0xEIictlOy
  6. Fitz 3 picks away from his total last year and where only 3 games into the season .
  7. People want to act Fitz just played bad yesterday . He was bad imo last week .. Only being able to muster up 20 points on one of the worst defenses in football while your defense takes away the ball 5 times . Meanwhile Tyrod Taylor and Marriotta all put up 30+ on that same piss poor defense ..
  8. he probably would of if the ball is thrown in front of him ..
  9. 5 picks in 3 games.. He is on interesting pace
  10. 58 pass attempts under 300 yards Lmaoo
  11. you mean the D that gave fitz and O multiple chances to make a comeback and they didn't do a thing ?
  12. Anything past 15 yards is a struggle for him .. Good luck calling plays for a QB like tha.
  13. He had decent game .. Bailed out by Brandon Marshall more than once but decent none the less. It was the Browns though . Everything else here is just hype .. "He is Real NFL QB" he has been in league 10 years I would hope he knows how to read defense .. 24 passes 180 yards and 2tds and 1 int . Is Solid overall effort it definitely isn't gonna beat more explosive teams tho .. Should be a good test this week.
  14. Scoop24


    They tried to target him he held up well .. That play was on McCown was just on cap on his best defensive drive as a Jet
  15. Brandon Marshall made that drive he made some tough grabs
  16. Brown have no respect for Fitz arm there sitting on everything short
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