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  1. Lmaoo this gonna piss a few people off .. No commitment for Fitz. @CLoprestiWFAN Francesa asks Bowles if he views Geno differently now: "No, I still feel the same way about him. He's very talented." #NYJ @CLoprestiWFAN I find it interesting the qualifier for the QB question; ie: Petty's not ready and Geno's hurt so Ryans our QB. @yankey4eva That's pretty much where they're at. That's why Fitz is here...to step in. @CLoprestiWFAN Maccagnan on Geno incident and waiving IK: "Our actions kind of indicate how we felt about things." #NYJ @CLoprestiWFAN Petty needs the preseason reps. Bowles keeps saying he's not gonna learn holding a clipboard.
  2. Well as far today ability go Geno was our performing Fitz up too getting hurt . Bowles didn't even sound excited today pretty much saying Fitz is the QB by default
  3. Him and brick been here 10 years and are so non vocal it's ridiculous .. But everybody leads in different ways
  4. This thread is funny AF .. Winston not passing the eye test after 1 preseason game ? Than we wonder why the football God never bless us with a franchise QB.. This fan base has no patience to develop one ..
  5. Rex coaches the bills I really don't care what he says these days ..
  6. If Fitz is such a good QB why has he never won more than 6 games in a year ? Fitz sucks as does Geno . I'm tired of dudes trying sell us on 10 yr career loser like we don't know who he is . Like we didn't see the countless poor games he had for buffalo, like we didn't see the bills start 5-0 with him and proceed to miss the playoffs because he Couldnt stop turning ball over.. Suck vs suck is what we have at QB .. The logic That he is Capable of being a top 10 QB must be a joke ..
  7. Lmaoo you got it man .. I Don't even feel like debating this .. If coaches could stop players from doing things first then there wouldn't be all these NFL players with off the field problems ..
  8. Guy these are grown ass men . There is nothing Bowles could possibly do to stop them from doing what they want in there personal time .. How could Bowles stop Sheldon from racing and smoking weed while a minor is in the car while home in Missouri?
  9. Fixed Let's also add he is the only one out of that great QB class not to win a ring ..
  10. Dude hasn't been on job a whole year . But name one situation he has been in so far where he hasn't delt with it swiftly . He flat out told Sheldon we don't need you if u don't get ur sh*t together .he cut IK the same hour .
  11. Semi true .. Chad Jackson , Kendall Tompkins , Jabari Gaffeny , Rachae Caldwell , even there recent draft Dotson hasn't done much .. But they have hit some
  12. How many times did Rex discipline the team for anything ? Early reports players have said Bowles is a no non sense kinda guy ., so he obviously some kinda control. We had mutiny going with Holmes against Sanchez that spilled over into a game . Not one disciplinary action was taking .. U wanna see the biggest difference look at how Rex handled Pace 4 game suspension in his first year versus Bowles handling Sheldon's .
  13. Like making the whole team run gassers cause they practiced like sh*t ?
  14. It was few players that missed the meeting to go to Movies not just Geno... Although Geno that took all the heat cause he is QB rightfully so.
  15. He is also the first person that said it was a Sucker Punch .. So u can believe him for those comments but not the sucker punch lol
  16. Guy go back and watch those games . Nobody was double covering Kerley when Decker went down . Teams man'd up and jumped everything underneath . Cause there was no threat of Any one getting behind the defense.. How many times did announcers during the games point out these Recievers we had on field where not getting open . PS I'm really tired of the circus crap ..
  17. Why not ? He has been very honest with media since day 1. He also finished that answer with "it's not that serious"
  18. Question do U think Bowles would be upset about Geno playing catch if he didn't have plans for him ?
  19. Unless u got something factual to add to THIS situation . Spare me on your personal feelings on how you think things went down.
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