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  1. Did u ever wonder why they didn't want Mariota even if he fell to #6? It's been reported jets would of passed regardless ..
  2. Cmon that isn't important .Geno couldn't light it up with this all star group he has no chance ..Greg Salas, David Nelson, Clyde Gates , TJ Graham ,Jordan White. Zach Sudfeld, and Jalen Suanders, injured Santonio Holmes and The Freak Stephen Hill . At least 3 of them are no longer in the league anymore.
  3. He played well when decker was ok the field did he not ? He goes down nothing but scrubs left things fell apart . Vick played he worst ever ball here with the same group .. Kerley is a 4th string WR for us right now. Last year he was #1 . I'm not saying Geno is the answer but he wasn't given the best situation . Rex has not developed 1 QB to date . Chan,Bowles,Marshall clearly favored Geno . I think I'm just more interested in seeing than anything . He has all the physical skills so where good there . Fitz brings a limited arm with gunsliger mentality he is very capable of throwing 20 picks just as well . We gain nothing with him imo at the moment . If Geno blows sure let him play
  4. people still think teams trade decent QB talent this time of year ..
  5. Jets stuff mostly .. I try my best to keep up around league ..but jets stuff I pretty much live that 24/7 365. Hell even when I'm not posting I'm reading everyone's stuff on here, i watched quite a few games via replay . Which I'm sure majority of the fans here probably do the same ..
  6. Did he or did he not play a big factor in a few wins his first year ? Simple question and I'm not saying all of them cause we know that would be a lie .. I don't care how long you been a fan . We're all fans we all been here for the struggle and the were still struggling . We all want the same thing and that is to just win ..
  7. I haven't heard one good thing about Jace all camp . Then he is #3 on depth chart .. I get there's no H back slot but even so you would think he would be listed as the #2 TE ok this team? Cumby definetly has #1 locked up tho from everything I hear . Not sure how he did it but he did lol I could be completely wrong on this .. Just something I been observing from a far ..
  8. Your looking at stats I watched all the games ..
  9. Yo they must really not be happy with Jace .. Hopefully it's a camp body situation but lynch can play he solid at Georgia. He doesn't do anything special .. But decent blocker and decent short to mid level Reciever when asked .
  10. This I agree with 100% . No sugar coating straight facts I love it ..
  11. Fitzmagic is great . He doesn't make bad passes how the football gods have bless us. lmaooooo
  12. Look around I never disputed that Geno hasn't don't nothing to this point but Fitz hasn't done sh*t in 10 years .. Your hard on for Geno is funny tho .
  13. Held us back ? Do they win vs TB without Geno scrambling and getting the flag ? Do they win vs Atlanta Monday night without his solid effort , do we beat the bills with out those huge deep balls to the likes Holmes . People forget fast . That roster 2 years ago was one of the worst jets rosters constructed..
  14. That Fitz Delusion is so real I might have to stay off these boards when yall remember who Rysn Fitzpatrick really is after week 1.. Cause some yall are gonna come back to earth fast
  15. Are u kidding me ur hate for Geno is that personal . Your gonna tell me Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't gonna throw bad passes are you being serious ? Lol at Recievers getting killed like elite QBs don't make passes where there guys get hit .. Welker got how concussion playing with Brady and manning . This is football, players get hit man .
  16. Maybe because having a losing season with starting Fitz at helm isn't helping us at all . No upside to it one bit . His contract will be up he will ride off into the sunset and we won't be in position to draft one high if need be .. It makes sense to me
  17. Define Making it through year? Cause with a 6-10 at best (his career high in wins) and you will still be on the board whining ..
  18. Besides Luck and kinda Wilson who are these QBs lighting it up from day 1?
  19. 33-55 but we're suppose to act like he is some kinda upgrade with this career loser sheesh
  20. Agreed especially the Macc comment about the incident . And how Bowles views Geno ..
  21. Lmaoo this gonna piss a few people off .. No commitment for Fitz. @CLoprestiWFAN Francesa asks Bowles if he views Geno differently now: "No, I still feel the same way about him. He's very talented." #NYJ @CLoprestiWFAN I find it interesting the qualifier for the QB question; ie: Petty's not ready and Geno's hurt so Ryans our QB. @yankey4eva That's pretty much where they're at. That's why Fitz is here...to step in. @CLoprestiWFAN Maccagnan on Geno incident and waiving IK: "Our actions kind of indicate how we felt about things." #NYJ @CLoprestiWFAN Petty needs the preseason reps. Bowles keeps saying he's not gonna learn holding a clipboard.
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