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  1. Guy go back and watch those games . Nobody was double covering Kerley when Decker went down . Teams man'd up and jumped everything underneath . Cause there was no threat of Any one getting behind the defense.. How many times did announcers during the games point out these Recievers we had on field where not getting open . PS I'm really tired of the circus crap ..
  2. Why not ? He has been very honest with media since day 1. He also finished that answer with "it's not that serious"
  3. Question do U think Bowles would be upset about Geno playing catch if he didn't have plans for him ?
  4. Unless u got something factual to add to THIS situation . Spare me on your personal feelings on how you think things went down.
  5. Why GENO SMITH will beat initial 6-10 week return to play estimate. http://t.co/9Pya4ghMit Item#4 #MondayMorningMD @RichCimini @MMehtaNYDN
  6. Yes cause short and slow WR are just killing the league .. Kerley inability to get separation is the reason why he does nothing when he is relied upon. Dude is pretty much the Dustin Keller of WR anyway . Shows up half the season.
  7. It must bother you too see this Geno support huh ? Lmaoo His 2 Starting WR's , His head coach , but hey Ray Lucas said
  8. Well sh*t Ray Lucas junkie ass said its gotta be truth compared to what the players who are in the locker room are saying.. Best part is these players are putting there name on it .. Especially Marshall . No anonymous sources like Manish article ..
  9. One thing that's been consistent almost these reports is it happen fast no one had a chance to do anything ..
  10. Lmaoo these receivers ain't trying to play with Fitz ..
  11. Here's #3 Jets' Eric Decker supports Geno Smith, too: 'We've all got Geno's back.' http://t.co/SFys97KvMf
  12. They won't like this then Another #Jets player goes on the record to defend Geno Smith: "He's our guy." http://t.co/iqRprs1QLG
  13. @Cnimbley Wait a second, are we really killing Geno for throwing the ball around with his friend? That's where we are at? #Jets #JetsCamp
  14. I'm not trading a 2nd rd pick for Tampa garbage . There is no bidding war for Glennon . All the teams out there that could use a QB ain't even trying to get him what does that tell you ?
  15. I noticed the trend since the start of camp .. Decker was moved to the slot while Smith , Ouwsu and now Quincy was moved to the outside .. Could be just too add speed to Marshall and decker . Or they could truly don't believe Kerley is a starting WR in this league which isn't that far fetched in my mind . I always thought he was a 4 or 5 on most teams .
  16. What a 2nd rd pick ? Please pass me whatever your smoking
  17. Scoop24


    lol nah he played terrible the year he left . Which means he was due for a strong year . Which means he is now due for a poor year. Story of Cro career it's year to year
  18. Scoop24


    Cro play well last year . So it's time for his down year . Just kidding . He looked how the camp reports pretty much sounded tho
  19. Who is available that we would trade for that can save our season ? There's a lot of thing u could potentially aquire this time of year .. Decent Qbs aren't usually one of them
  20. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/53061/jets-wr-jeremy-kerley-felt-weird-in-unfamiliar-backup-role Everybody getting a look at Slot WR except Kerley .. Smith, Owsu, Enunwa .
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