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  1. Lmaoo I just can't wait to watch Rex kill that buffalo passing game after the QB throws 2 picks .. Over / under Watkins has 1,000 yard season under Rex ?
  2. On a side looks like Jermey Kerley has become a after thought for the New jets Coaching staff .. I'm am more than fine with that he is probably most overrated player we have ., short , slow , doesn't get good separation yet a lot of people acted like he was something special .
  3. Not according too jets nation . Geno is the worst QB to ever put on pair of cleats ..
  4. Fair enough .. FYI that sheldon doesn't mention the Multiple drug test failed to get him in the program then got him the 4 games . It doesn't question Sheldon leadership even though he blatantly didn't tell the FO about the arrest. It doesn't question his maturity even though he is in car racing and smoking weed with a 12 year old child in his car . All this after he came out here and told jets nation they will never have to worry about him again . But hey good job none the less I like good reads and while I may not agree with everything written . Your articles are good reads
  5. Your the one acting like he is the first QB in the NFL to have off the field incidents .. I'm just pointing out facts that he isn't and that the only reason yall make these stupid incidents into something big is because he is not a Good player .. If he was you would never waste your time writing this article.. There's way more stuff I can get on smith about on the field . Than some random dick pic being posted on the net.. You have players including one on his own team doing real Crimes.. Where's the article about Sheldon and multiple failed drug test and recent arrest, telling fans to go suck it when yall got on his case for missing OTAs.. Bottom line none of these incidents except that team meeting stuff will make or break Geno's Future more than his Bad On the field play will . If the kid comes back and balled out . You wouldn't even care about his dick pic.
  6. Hearing Revis pretty blame Sanchez for the reason the team didn't win a ring , Sanchez got into huge argument with Holmes in the middle of the game . And your gonna say Sanchez was respected or being taken serious by anyone ?
  7. U mean like Brett Farve , Mark Sanchez I could name of slew of other athletes like Paul George , Greg Oden , ect.. Hell Big Ben was raping chicks in bar bathrooms ., Yet no one cares ... If anyone on this team personal life should have given him a black eye it's Sheldon . But he is a good player so everyone got over it
  8. They don't know sh*t . That's why all these opinions don't mean sh*t . multiple reports have contradicted each other on how it went down . And players aren't even saying much . Outside of a few manish unnamed sources .,
  9. For me idc unless ur committing crimes and hurting the team I don't care about these players personal lives . That's not my business The only real problem that I had with Geno that drew any kind of anger out of me . Was him missing that team meeting. As far as his flights and women ect.. I Personally Do not care . My issues with Geno are strictly on the field issues.
  10. More like because he sucks as a player . Let's make everything he does regardless how big or small into something huge . If dude was a top 10 QB in this league you guys would not care about none of this crap.., Omg some scorn girl tried to expose him on the Internet . This happens all the time to celebrities and athletes all the time and it's funny for Adele days and people move on and get over it .. But for Geno is some long term black eye like he personally exposed his on junk on the net ., Mark Sanchez got exposed dancing butt naked with 2 girls and nobody cares .
  11. Who the hell is gushing over 16 yards passing ? Lmaoo wow
  12. He didn't tho .. You guys just need to be honest with yourselves . He didn't look good or decent . He looked Raw like the scouting report said he would be . I actually like the facts the jets are gonna hold off on bringing another Vet and up his reps cause he really needs it .. In fact no one besides 1st team Oline and Ivory and Powell I would say looked GOOD. I know everything is vanilla in preseason but we mustered 3 points vs a vanilla D . But it's the first preseason game so it means nothing ..
  13. Bryce Petty might legitly be further away at this point than Geno was coming out .. Still holding hope out for Calvin Pryor but man does he resemble Kyle Wilson on the field seems so Undersized out there
  14. He might and he might not Beating up a cop and breaking your starting QB jaw and ur not even a rotational player . It won't be easy for him
  15. Mannish tweets Geno Smith's brother's best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident the day before IK's charity event, so Geno didn't attend, per source When players reported for camp 2 weeks ago, Geno offered to pay IK $600 for airfare/limo service. #nyj (cont) Geno had not yet paid $600. IK wanted his money. As Geno Smith say at his locker, IK reached over & sucker punched him, per source #nyj Geno Smith got up from sitting down after getting punched & said, "I'm not doing this here." Then he walked out of locker room, per sources
  16. It looks terrible on both of them I agree with Bowles completely childish. holy sh*t $600?
  17. $600 really ? At worse dudes making 100 of thousand and ruined his career over $600 smh
  18. I tried to listen . Guy sounded dumb turned it off . Must of missed the segment as well
  19. I thought so too .. But this guy history is probably gonna scare teams off . Dude beat up cop in his senior year in college now this punching your starting QB.. Boot to the fact He isn't a big time talent . I'm not so certain now .
  20. This is like when that back up player on the Vikings got into a big fight with Duane Culpeper after a preseason game years ago .. To bad it wasn't the social media era would of been much bigger deal .
  21. Dudes a hot head . He said it himself after beating up that undercover cop. Guess he hasn't learned from it like he said he did .
  22. @briancoz Bowles won't say if Geno put his finger in IK's face, but says even if he did that does not warrant throwing a punch #nyj Bowles said Geno did not hit IK back. He did not have a chance to. #nyj Geno Smith: "My only goal is to heal quickly and get back playing with my teammates so I can be the best QB possible for the NY Jets." #nyj
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