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  1. It's expected Geno will be out closer too 6 weeks than 10 weeks .. If that prediction plsys out that put him 5 days from week 3. Should interesting to see what happens then
  2. Wait what ? A mob.. This is just football I don't know what goes in your circle . But I'm only concerned about the football stuff
  3. Agreed lost a good potential pass rusher and ur starting QB.. Both guys where having good camps from the reports
  4. Yes so Bowles said he is night and day in training camp compared to mini Camp. Sound like he was moving down alright
  5. Stop speculating u weren't there . Don't pretend to know what happen so u can use it to judge his character
  6. Didn't one of his bills teams start like 6-0 and still missed the playoffs ?
  7. Like Travis Johnson said his Olinemen should be ashamed . If he would even thought out punching the QB. The entire Oline would kick his ass
  8. He was outplaying fitz in training camp . From coaches to teammates where excited about his play in Canp this year . So the whole team must be wrong
  9. Geno has atleast led a team past 6 wins and it may have been with one of the worst teams ever constructed
  10. Houston had a better record without fitz than they did with him .. Try again
  11. We will see I used to love playing the bills with Fitz cause I knew he would always give us the game especially if it was close
  12. And Fitzpatrick has led how many teams in playoffs in his career ? This must be a joke Sar can't be serious
  13. One has to wonder if you could atleast report the facts if your gonna slander somebody . Notice Giats fan Zapata, who happens to be a New York Giants fan, says he regrets heckling Smith and doesn’t think the quarterback should be fined. “I feel bad because, you know what? I didn’t think it would be this,” he said. “It’s a first offense. It was a tough game. There’s so much going on in the NFL already. This is such a little, stupid thing.” http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/10/03/cbs-2-exclusive-n-j-man-believes-his-comment-caused-jets-quarterback-geno-smiths-outburst/
  14. Chill jets fans like to learn things the hard way . Sar and the rest of co won't be around to comment when Fitzpatrick plays like he has his whole 10 year career in the NFL .
  15. Lmaoo some many people are in for a Rude Awakening when it comes to fitz .. I'm actually excited for him to starts., To be happy our starting QB is hurt so u can hype a career backup is a joke ..
  16. He said it was because qbs aren't suppose to be hit in practice . If this was a real game he would of took off running.
  17. kristian Dyer just by reading his timeline clearly doesn't like Geno. He been hyping Fitz from the start. through 6 practices his reports of the 2 QBs are different from the other Beat Writers
  18. Sounds like Kerley Long term future with this team could be in doubt..
  19. lol so many people warned him him about Scout.. he didn't listen
  20. you know the overreaction bad when Cimini has to tell jets fans to chill out.. lmaoo
  21. Coming from Nebraska he has a chance . Slauson was a late bloomer too
  22. Coming from Nebraska he has a chance . Slauson was a late bloomer too
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