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  1. This .. Cooper #6 and Ray #37 sign me up
  2. theres is no upside to starting Fitz. I'm only going there if Geno completely bottoms out .. But to start Fitz and not make the playoffs anyway . Gives us no upside at all
  3. No One cares about Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is ridiculous dude has never led any team to the playoffs None. Because he is a jet now that doesn't change his Career everyone knows what there getting from Fitz. So don't expect them to think high of us because we added Ryan Fitzpatrick . That being said we have won 8 games with Geno when he shouldn't have been on the field on one of the worst teams we ever fielded.. I don't see how we can only win 3 games with a Much Better overall team regardless of who the QB is. Not one winning season under his belt
  4. Is it really that far fetched for people to think we are of the worst QB developing teams in football ?
  5. Marshall won't have that problem he knows how to attack the ball at its high point in traffic and most importantly he knows how to get open. Trading for Qbs that have physical limitation is a desperate move . Just continue to develop Geno and worst comes to worst let Fitz play . There is no more Clyde gates , Greg salas , and David Nelson guys being counted on to make plays . Guys who couldn't get open. This alone will make the QB play better jets. What goes unnoticed by jets fans is how much better our QBs played particularly Geno when Decker was fully healthy and Playing . Adding Marshall to the mix should only make things easier .
  6. Lol I don't think Matt Simms would be okay with this . He has been the development QB for like 5 years .
  7. Rex would of sold the sh*t of that weight lifting lol
  8. lmaoo funny thing is Rex still talking about '09..
  9. That got any details on that kinda stuff? Don't gets wrong rewards and stuff are cool. I just would like to hear more what was said about the team personal
  10. Cooper White Fowler Beasly Dupree in that order assuming both QBs are off the board
  11. the fan base fuel the material for espn booing every 1st rd pick .. good thing its in chicago this year
  12. 11 games 2,108 Yards 5.9 YPA 11 TD 15 Int 57.6 completion % 67.5 QB Rating this is a 3rd year, 2nd yr Starting for One of the best Qbs in the league today. he would of been run out of town if he was a Jet. Now he is a SB Champion on his way to Hall of fame. take a look at what he did in his 4th yr and 3rd yr starting when that lightbulb went on. http://www.nfl.com/player/drewbrees/2504775/careerstats but i will continue to let y'all think QBs develop overnight. this being said that lightbulb may never go on for Smith. but its not as far fetched as y'all make it seem
  13. Then why is Tampa drafting a QB #1 and not a Defensive guy or skill player or something ? Stop with the box score scouting for minute look at the big picture and clearly something is wrong here. those #s aren't translating to wins . Just like when Sanchez 3rd year #s didn't .
  14. So playing with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, Mike Williams (Year before) is a bad situation ? Tampa bay had the 25th rk passing offense in the league last year with 2 monsters on the outside as Recievers.
  15. Does Box score scouting factor in there weapons and there's overall team records ?
  16. Well damn if that's the case I'm sold then . Trade a 3rd for him right away. Cause everyone knows them drafting Doug Williams in the 70's means something today .
  17. funny thing is on the bucs message board (pewter report) they would be shocked if they get a 5th for him. interesting you think he is worth a 3rd rd pick at this point..
  18. Vickerson is the backup NT, Legar is the backup DE
  19. your completely Sold on a guy who the worst team in football doesn't think is good enough to be in the teams future or present plans? i guess since the trash isn't on the jets already it makes him better trash than what we already have.
  20. Only jets fans could turn a player trying to improve himself into a Negative . lets see he has been in LA working the Shaq Evans and Quincy , he has been to florida to work with Marshall , he has worked out with one the best QB guru in the business. I'm sure at some point you will hear he worked out with Decker the guy is clearly working his Ass off to get better. and yet all y'all is spew is bullsh*t calling him uneducated and dumb and not a leader blah blah blah. y'all act like it so far fetched that light bulb goes on for a QB in his third year . idk What Geno will become but I appreciate the fact that he is Grinding away trying to get better.
  21. you mean when he reached out to LT for advice? i wouldn't quite call that working out and learning from LT.
  22. To Rex credit he is damn good motivator but there's different types of motivations techniques Rex is a players coach in which he prefers to be one of the guys. Players Play hard cause they genuinely got love for the Coach. But it's more of friendship type deal so there's not much accountability or discipline when players mess up. Then there's Fear Parcells ,Belicheck are 2 of the best at this . Guys play hard and do what there's suppose to do not because of friendships but because these Coaches aren't gonna take your sh*t you will buried on a bench somewhere regardless of your contract or status .there gonna Demand Respect .
  23. if where really gonna draft the best player available i just don't know how you Pass on Cooper if he is sitting there.
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