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  1. Blah blah blah.. Must suck to have your whole franchise Tainted behind Cheating .. No one will respect those rings ever .
  2. I think Devin can definetly play in slot he has the speed and shiftiness to do it . But in most situations to add in the Deep threat . Marshal or decker will slide into the slot . But I see him and Kerley rotating at the 3 and 4 all year .
  3. Both are in the box safety's . But Pryor was a legit 1st round pick In a deep safety class . Where Collins was a fringe 1st rd pick in one of the weakest safety Classes in a long time . Only time will tell who is better tho . But Pryor definitely was Graded higher coming out .
  4. heard he has been pretty bad in camp.. nothing to see here failed with 2 teams prior to his tryout here
  5. can listen here http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/05/07/mike-maccagnan-new-york-jets-mike-francesa/
  6. Bowles have said that line multiple times . Just listen to interviews on jets official website
  7. Lmaoo glad he isn't the division . That Cowboys Oline is even more Rediculous ..
  8. get him in early and coach him up.
  9. It's definetly make or break year for Geno .. I agree with that but the break won't come before Week 1 as some seem to think .
  10. Chill just let them spew crap .. Fitz for president!!! Best QB since we had 60 yr old Brett Farve
  11. We will see.. Just don't disappear when Fitz doesn't win that job week 1.
  12. Flacco Won them a SB . They Ravens will never regret it . Just like the Seahawks never will after they pay Russell
  13. I'm just curious has Fitz Ever helped any TE light it up ? I know he lit up with Stevie Johnson. But has there been any TEs.
  14. Do you honestly believe this stuff or are you just trolling ?
  15. Take him sure I would .. To lose sleep over trying to get him nah I wouldn't ..
  16. Have no room for jones. We are legitly good 1-4 . #5 is the only spot of for grabs . Doubt he would come here to be 5th on our Depth chart .
  17. Your in a Win now mode but want to start a 10 year QB who has never won . Makes perfect sense .
  18. Eh I'm kinda over it we got so many young Lineman as it is . Harrison and Dozier are both guys scouts think can start in this league at some point and be Very good . Still figuring out what Winters and Obush (sp?) bring to table . Collins probably wouldn't start over Breno this year anyway
  19. These kinds stats are too deep for me. This is Still Football, a game played on the Field. if people could predict players so easy there wouldn't be so many draft bust .
  20. Unless the jets carry 4 QBs . Simms is gone . Your not Risking Petty to PS, Smith and Fitz while both are shifty are light years better than him. I really don't see him part of this competition at all tbh think he is cut once Fitz is healthy .
  21. fine? Decker hurt most the season , Harvin comes mid season far from a being a WR, David Nelson cut mid season , TJ graham out the league again I believe , kerely his normal disappearing act . Fast forward today kerely is the 4th WR and decker is #2. With one of most QB friend WR to ever play in Marshall at #1. And a real deep threat in Devin smith . You think it's coincidence his best games came when a healthy Decker is on the field ?
  22. Yes Geno smith is so terrible and yet he has been able to surpass Fitz best season win total in a year he shouldnt of never seen the field . With a god awful team and rotating WR. Here's your logic the team is finally built up so let's start the career loser with no upside . Instead of the kid we have been developing for 2 years with terrible playmakers around him . Why not just give him and shot with legit NFL skill players and see what he can do ? We all know what Fitz can do his play leads to more Losses than wins. No matter how much box score scouting you do it doesn't change who he is ..
  23. 10+ years in the league . A stint where buffalo built the team around him . And he has never won. Hell I use to love playing buffalo when they had Fitz he was good for a couples mistakes a game . Dude got the best years out of Fred Jackson, CJ spiller and Stevie Johnson and a pretty good Buffalo D and still couldnt win 10 games . The fact that Yall try to sell us on a guy that entire league knows what he is about is rediculous . He is Career backup QB in this league nothing more , nothing less .
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