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  1. Bowles also said “You hope everybody comes all the time,” Bowles said. “Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Guys have things they do in the offseason that they probably have scheduled that they can’t afford to miss. I understand that as well.”
  2. The Spin yall are putting this. Some yall should work for the media.. Sheldon took ONE day off to attend his fam graduation . But it's a conspiracy about getting more money Lmaoo
  3. just shows how bad and whiny some of our Fans are .. Dude can't have a personal day without being harassed . Yall act like Sheldon has something to prove Smh . Dude is Elite
  4. Denial turns to Anger .. This annoucement got some jets fans going through all the phases
  5. Rex never thought to get some real receivers on this team either .. We had the Worst set of skill players the past 2 year . Rex will never develop a QB cause he simply does not know how too. He doesn't not put a good Support system around them .. Bowles and Chan has put Geno in a position to successful lets just see what happens ..
  6. And your hyping a guy who hasn't done sh*t in this league .. Never lead a team to more than 6 wins in a season even after a 5-0 start with the bills a few years back , no playoffs , championship games nothing .,
  7. Lmaoo well sh*t if it the beat writer says it's a mistake then it has to be ..
  8. Yall gon be pissed off when Geno is still the starting QB after 2 games .. Just like when I told yall he would be the opening day starter..about 3 months ago
  9. http://bit.ly/1F3L4CQ Chan sounds real high on Geno here in this Vid
  10. Maybe Chan wants to Really coach him up don't Have time to waste important First team reps on Fitz who knows the system and Simms who is a career project . This is Smith Make or break year and I think there giving him the best possible chance to succeed . Which is a big difference than what the last staff did . This is all about development not appeasing fans with a fake Competition like Rex.
  11. Damn so much Common Sense in one post . I'm not use to this.
  12. Face it folks Geno got the team behind him .. That was pretty clear with the amount of guys coming out backing him .
  13. This is only a surprise to those who are Clueless and there are many of you .. The writing has been on the wall for a long time Geno was gonna be the guy
  14. Rex trying to show off his new toy . 3 consecutive deep ball attempts to a Reciever who is that great at going deep .
  15. Blah blah blah.. Must suck to have your whole franchise Tainted behind Cheating .. No one will respect those rings ever .
  16. I think Devin can definetly play in slot he has the speed and shiftiness to do it . But in most situations to add in the Deep threat . Marshal or decker will slide into the slot . But I see him and Kerley rotating at the 3 and 4 all year .
  17. Both are in the box safety's . But Pryor was a legit 1st round pick In a deep safety class . Where Collins was a fringe 1st rd pick in one of the weakest safety Classes in a long time . Only time will tell who is better tho . But Pryor definitely was Graded higher coming out .
  18. heard he has been pretty bad in camp.. nothing to see here failed with 2 teams prior to his tryout here
  19. can listen here http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/05/07/mike-maccagnan-new-york-jets-mike-francesa/
  20. Bowles have said that line multiple times . Just listen to interviews on jets official website
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