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  1. i would pay Collins a good amount of money to bring him in..
  2. Yeah Fitzpatrick has never lead a team to more than 6 wins in a season
  3. him and Tre jackson are graded about the same . on some big boards he is higher
  4. Winters has been moved to Center
  5. atleast he has tremendous tools and Gunslinger mentality.. I'm okay with these things for a developmental type. we could of did a lot worse
  6. Duke looked good. im fine passing on Tevon straight line runners never excite me as running backs..
  7. yes the only RB on the jets roster to ever rush for 1000 yards in a year is a jag.. please stop if he get healthy he is very Capable Running back.if you wanna dispute the fumbles thats one thing but don't undersell his talent. Ivory i agree he is a healthy risk but he is a capable player when healthy Powell i agree
  8. this kid might be a legit steal from what i understand he has all the tools was graded pretty high. in fact him and AJ Cann had the same grade
  9. Everything you said is what i was going for. the kid looks just as good if not better than Harold.
  10. glad we can put the Glennon Crap to bed
  11. talented i would use a 7th on him.. his style Compliments the group we have here well imo. get the same feeling i had with Bryce Brown who went in the 7th or UDF for his issues. this kid can play in this league
  12. you guys don't like Michael Dyer ? not for the 4th round but he is extremely talented
  13. he is so unathletic he broke out a Backflip. i love the fact he goes after it . can't wait to see him swarming around with the rest of the front 7.
  14. nobody wants glennon not even his own team.. but he suppose to be savior
  15. i would draft Collins or TJ Cummings rd 4
  16. just look at the tape which one do you like better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1gZpSh5uVg
  17. y'all can keep the Manny Lawson finess types i want some hard Nose Productive football players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1gZpSh5uVg and i feel like thats what we got ..
  18. K Allen had Couldn't stay healthy.. thats why he fell. Allen is a 30x the prospect Strong was . if you argue DGB over smith i can see it. But no i would never draft Strong over smith in any scenario . Smith was one of the guys i wanted if we didn't go WR in RD 1 along with Dorsett and DGB. I'm not high on Strong as everyone else is great hands but everything else is raw imo
  19. fair enough i think strong has great hands. but if you can't separate on the college level. i personally don't think it gets easier on the NFL level.
  20. i would never have taken Strong over Smith. Strong has serious separation issues in College and doesn't play too his timed speed. why do you think he fell to the 3rd round?
  21. Did you hear of Demario Davis when we took him.. How that work out ?
  22. our receiving Core lacked Speed so we got the best deep threat in the draft to compliment the group. but you don't get it at all?
  23. i agreed thought the giants had a decent draft myself.. Flowers was a 1st rd pick regardless so even if the giants reach it wasn't by a lot. Landon Collins was thought by many to be a 1st rd talent and he fils a huge need for them . Double O was one of the guys i wanted the jets to pickup. great Potential as a Pass rusher
  24. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Eric Decker wants the Geno Smith haters to lay off. http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/jets-eric-decker-says-ease-up-on-geno-smith-1.10365129
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