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  1. Why even post unrealistic stuff like this ? If raiders wanted a 3-4 DE they could of got one that's 20 yrs old and widely considered the best player in the draft
  2. The chip in his shoulder is definetly in place Teams are taking Randy Gregory off their draft boards, but no one will say why: http://t.co/mZJHgbz8Hf
  3. Exactly my point from talent stand Point Gregory is a steal at #37.
  4. Yes cause all players that smoke weed are Josh Gordon .. DGB smokes weed too So does Shane Ray who was being call steal in the late 1st round ..
  5. your all in on the guy that threw his girl down a flight of stairs but your mad at the guy who smokes weed .. Crazy world BTW I'm not opposed to Either player
  6. I'm fine with going offense rd 2 and 3 . But I'm perfectly fine with Rolling the Dice on Gregory if he is there at #37
  7. i have seen a lot of A+ and A grades so far
  8. at the end of the day i would rather have a Talented Surplus than draft a Bust based on reaching for needs..Assets gives teams Flexibility. jets pretty much have all the Leverage when it comes to Mo situation right now.
  9. i think Collins could be had as late as the 4th rd .. i could wait on it.
  10. @PFFkev Against Power 5 opponents, QBs throwing to Ohio State's Devin Smith had a 127.5 passer rating, fourth in the class, more than a deep threat
  11. agreed its refreshing to have a real football guy running things. Idzik would of picked for need and Tanny would of probably traded up for a splash.
  12. problem is your not sure if he is a WR or TE. if he is a WR he is slow and if he is a TE he is undersized. so pick your poison
  13. Gregory, DGB, Devin Smith, Jalen Strong I'm cool with any these 4. heard the jets are real high Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State during the draft process something to watch ..
  14. I'm cool with Ray or Gregory at #37 especially if we can land Cooper or White #7
  15. Joe Mcknight became a Pro Bowl Returner just saying ..
  16. i don't know why jets fans are tryna sell them selves on these Career Backups..
  17. Better , Quicker decisions? dude pretty much made 1 read and ran there's a reason why one is clear cut #1 imagine if he didn't had off field issues there wouldn't even be in the same league .
  18. Millner gets it . shadow him every day hopefully Mcdougle does the same
  19. And yet guys like Ryan Mallet hasn't done sh*t and he fits that description too the Tee. Manziel was a far better prospect than Jimmy hands down
  20. What is Mariota better than Winston at besides running ? His Arm talant sure as hell ain't better
  21. So history shows the QBs Yall recently picks suck too . Cassell , Mallet aren't exactly setting the world on fire . Just get over hype cause there drafted by BB . I'm sure Jimmy will continue the legacy after some team bets there's future on him.
  22. There's 2 years of tape Geno . Your not pumping up his value with Words . The writing has been on the Wall a long time . Time To face facts it's Geno or Fitz this season
  23. According to @allbrightnfl the Titans rejected this offer before weeks ago and countered with a extra 2nd from the Browns . Browns rejected So it interesting to see the same deal being offered again
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