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  1. According to @allbrightnfl the Titans rejected this offer before weeks ago and countered with a extra 2nd from the Browns . Browns rejected So it interesting to see the same deal being offered again
  2. Bingo with both QBs gone 1 and 2 it will push the players the jets really want down .
  3. The reports coming out are teams aren't high on Mariota as media portrayed and Titans are not getting the offers they want . They might just take this offer
  4. Counter with what #6 and next year first ? No thank you
  5. That hopefully puts all the trade up talk to bed by jets fans
  6. Jets are trying to trade down . They don't want to go up and there not high on Mariota . Atleast that's what I been hearing today ..
  7. There Both Top 4 3-4 DE's Imo . As far as who is Better Sheldon charisma is gonna take him a lot further as far as accolades go . But Mo has a 10 sack season under his Belt and is pretty dominant VS the Run . He may not get the Accolades cause he is the Quiet type but I think he is equally as good .
  8. Best quote I read all week . Good find
  9. I wouldn't even waste my time at QB after Winston and Mariota are gone . Like most the scouts are saying it's just a really bad group after.
  10. Heard Parker is also in play if they trade back too
  11. Draft is in Chicago so we shouldn't see the pattened booing of our first Rd pick this year
  12. There is not one report out with the amount of money Wilkerson is expecting . Just speculating fans who assume since JJ Watt just got paid like a QB . That means Wilkerson is gonna want the same when we all know he isn't getting that kinda money anywhere neither is Sheldon when his deal is up . Jets have 2 years (1 yr of contract and 1 yr Franchise Tag) of Mo before they even have to consider trading him . This being said they may very well try and move him I doubt it but after watch that Bowles PC yesterday I'm not as firm anymore Cause there was no commitment at all outdide of "he is on the Roster Right Now"
  13. Sounds like your in denial to me . But we will see. I will say this Geno got more of a commitment out of Woody than Revis (basically none at all) did right before we traded him.
  14. Woody just got fined $100,000 for being too honest .. When has he ever had a history of smoke screening . Dude says what he wants I highly doubt he would sitting there talking about getting Geno more targets if he wasn't in the present plans . Not even a "Fitz or Geno" type answer as everyone else been giving us .
  15. Funny thing is Woody leans heavy on his Football People. So some one in the front office or Locker room is feeding him these thoughts .
  16. He isn't gonna cost JJ Watt money . Wilkerson isn't having 20 sacks in a year or winning DPOY awards. JJ watt is the Exception He is Arguably the Best Defensive Player on the League of Course doing what he does is gonna cost QB Money . Mo will be right in that 50 million range if I to guess.
  17. Woody Johnson, Jets owner, and Joe Namath, Jets icon, have watched Geno Smith play quarterback for their favorite team the last two years. But the owner sounds higher on Smith than does the icon. "He's going to mature," Johnson said Tuesday at the 13th annual BTIG Commissions for Charity Day in Manhattan. "He's not going to be making rookie mistakes anymore. He's not going to be making sophomore mistakes anymore, hopefully. "And when we played the Dolphins [in the season finale], he played OK. So if he can keep that going, we're good. We need to get him more targets." http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/woody-johnson-high-on-geno-smith-joe-namath-isn-t-1.10345064 Now I know some of Yall are gonna blast off about this . But reading a little deeper away from Geno stuff. Woody saying We need more Targets is interesting
  18. There's another article floating around from this Event . With Woody Johnson talking about Geno . That's gonna piss a lot Geno haters off
  19. lmaoo trust i know they had plenty of bad picks. i agree with that . and i didn't mean recently as in like last year I'm just saying in general the attempts to Secure Elite pass Rushers in Top 10 has been brutal for our Division.
  20. AFC East all caught Major Bust recently Jets had Gholston Bills had Maybin Dolphins had Jordan Pats had ??
  21. Lol I think that joke went over your head man . Pay attention to the Bold writing
  22. @MMehtaNYDN Earlier, @AdamSchefter reported at least 2 teams have inquired about Mo Wilkerson. I'm told the Jets are not looking to trade him. #nyj
  23. No doubt it s gonna be a pricey deal . im sure it will take time to hammer out . But Macc doesn't sound concerned at all . He is already on record saying after the draft they will work it out . All sources/ beat writers say Jets aren't trading Mo and it would pretty much take some rediculous offer for them to even entertain it . IE: Not Mike Glennon
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