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  1. @MMehtaNYDN Earlier, @AdamSchefter reported at least 2 teams have inquired about Mo Wilkerson. I'm told the Jets are not looking to trade him. #nyj
  2. No doubt it s gonna be a pricey deal . im sure it will take time to hammer out . But Macc doesn't sound concerned at all . He is already on record saying after the draft they will work it out . All sources/ beat writers say Jets aren't trading Mo and it would pretty much take some rediculous offer for them to even entertain it . IE: Not Mike Glennon
  3. Jets do not have financial problems., we don't have a highly Paid QB to worry about . So There's no reason for the jets to trade Mo.
  4. Thread should of been closed after this post .
  5. He isn't even a Pro Bowler ? Who cares Vince Young Was a pro bowler, it's voted by the fans and most fans barely watch it. it's means absolutely nothing .
  6. He is a Top 4 3-4 DE but he is not Elite.. jets fans logic
  7. Most GMs don't care about the Pot. But how can you invest top dollar pick in a guy who can't even keep himself out of trouble 3 days before the draft ? It show bad judgement on his part and makes it hard for someone team trust you. Now he will be in the first phase of the drug program which I believe is drug test all the time instead of Once a year , add this mess to fact he is dealing with Injury . He gonna sink
  8. I would have White and Cooper ranked ahead of every OLB not named Fowler.. If all are gone it would Beasley or Scherff . I would trade down to take Dupree
  9. Unknown if you don't watch College a Football .. He was one of the best receivers in the country. . Now if you wanna tell me he could be a 1 yr wonder I could agree with that.
  10. Starts and ends with Geno Smith. We really need that light bulb to go on . If not where gonna stock with a guy who has never led a team to more 6 wins in a season in 10+ years
  11. Vic Beasley or Kevin White would be target then .
  12. This isn't madden . Wilkerson isn't getting traded in a trade up scenario ..
  13. This .. Cooper #6 and Ray #37 sign me up
  14. theres is no upside to starting Fitz. I'm only going there if Geno completely bottoms out .. But to start Fitz and not make the playoffs anyway . Gives us no upside at all
  15. No One cares about Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is ridiculous dude has never led any team to the playoffs None. Because he is a jet now that doesn't change his Career everyone knows what there getting from Fitz. So don't expect them to think high of us because we added Ryan Fitzpatrick . That being said we have won 8 games with Geno when he shouldn't have been on the field on one of the worst teams we ever fielded.. I don't see how we can only win 3 games with a Much Better overall team regardless of who the QB is. Not one winning season under his belt
  16. Is it really that far fetched for people to think we are of the worst QB developing teams in football ?
  17. Marshall won't have that problem he knows how to attack the ball at its high point in traffic and most importantly he knows how to get open. Trading for Qbs that have physical limitation is a desperate move . Just continue to develop Geno and worst comes to worst let Fitz play . There is no more Clyde gates , Greg salas , and David Nelson guys being counted on to make plays . Guys who couldn't get open. This alone will make the QB play better jets. What goes unnoticed by jets fans is how much better our QBs played particularly Geno when Decker was fully healthy and Playing . Adding Marshall to the mix should only make things easier .
  18. Lol I don't think Matt Simms would be okay with this . He has been the development QB for like 5 years .
  19. Rex would of sold the sh*t of that weight lifting lol
  20. lmaoo funny thing is Rex still talking about '09..
  21. That got any details on that kinda stuff? Don't gets wrong rewards and stuff are cool. I just would like to hear more what was said about the team personal
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